Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sounds & Sights in the Rabbit Sanctuary

Morning sounds in the Rabbit Sanctuary the sounds are soft and happy.  You can hear cicadas singing in waves, the rustle of gum leaves above, bird songs, rabbits crunching on grass, corn or hay, the occasional "thump" from a rabbit's back leg swiftly slamming down his objection to something which could quite well be the possum in the nearby tree looking on!  

What you see are bunnies hopping, resting, eating, investigating new toys, looking down a freshly dug (soon to be filled with a rock!) rabbit hole, bunnies drinking from the automatic water bowls or the little pond, bunnies binking with the joy of being with other bunnies and human friends that cuddle and care for them constantly.

These are the sounds and sights in the Rabbit Sanctuary set in the Australian Bush in Northern NSW.  The rabbits that live in the Sanctuary have come from Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast QLD and Tweed Heads.  Some have also come from the local area of South Grafton on the Clarence River NSW.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Rabbits & Winter

With the colder weather coming it is time to think about keeping your rabbit warm and dry on cold days and nights.  At the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary we are changing summer homes in the Rabbit Run to winter ones.  This includes having an above ground shelf which they have in summer anyway, but in winter it needs to be 'cosy' and dry.  If you are lucky enough to own or be owned by a rabbit, please consider his or her comfort as the colder weather comes along.