Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rabbits at The Rabbit Sanctuary

24 new rabbit photos Slideshow showing rabbits for adoption and some who have been adopted. Did you know some rabbits have actually come to The Rabbit Sanctuary to adopt a rabbit friend for themselves?

Rabbit Needs a Home - Californian Dwarf Rabbit Thumper

Shelter: Lort Smith
Contact: adoptions@lortsmith.com
Location: Victoria
Description/Breed: californian dwarf
Colour: white/black ears
Male around 2 years old.
Training: litter trained house rabbit

Hey there, my name is Thumper and I'm a very friendly and playful bunny. I'm pretty good with other bunnies, but if I am going to live with another rabbit I'd like to meet them first just to make sure we get along. I enjoy playing with toys and sticks and picking them up with my mouth, it's very entertaining to watch. If you have been looking for a playful bunny companion like me then you should come into the cattery to meet me! A diet of Barastoc Rabbit Pellets, hay, carrots and other vegetables and love is all I need.

Friday, November 19, 2010

2 chickens break up rabbit fight!

Chooks can be quite upset and take action when rabbits disturb the peace! This very short video is a true view into the nature of chickens and just watch how the rabbits obey them. Watch how the chooks police them for a while until they are subdued! Amazing...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Animal Adoption Agency

There is an Animal Adoption Agency in Penrith Sydney NSW that has two rabbits looking for good homes.  They are both desexed and vaccinated and ready to go to their new homes.  

If you are interested please phone Lee or Fiona on 02 04777 4746

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bonny the English Angora Needs a Home

Click on the link above to see her details.  Can you rehome her?  She is 100% purebred English Angora!  Her current owners can't keep her.  Can you help?  She is in Jannali in Sydney.  She comes with her own indoor cage on wheels.

The Rabbit Sanctuary welcomes Haku

Haku which means 'animal warrior' in Maori is settling in nicely at The Rabbit Sanctuary.  He was the beloved rabbit of Raelane who sadly passed away leaving Haku alone.  Raelane had loved Haku as a house rabbit.  She litter trained him, desexed and vaccinated him and spent her days with him.  He is very trusting of people and very affectionate.

Raelan'e daughter Tania was heartbroken to have to surrender him to The Rabbit Sanctuary but due to Queensland's harsh laws about which pets people are allowed to keep she had no choice.  The Queensland Government does not allow its citizens the right to own a rabbit, even Haku who was a link to her mother for Tania. 

Today Haku spent the day in an integration enclosure with two other gorgeous rabbit gals, Glenda and Violet who are vying for his attention!  His happy day came to a close and he was carried back to a comfortable lawn hutch and run for the night.  He will join them again tomorrow. 

The aim is to integrate Haku and Violet into the big rabbit run where the rabbits run free in a 60 meter run with little huts, plumbed water and lots to do.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rabbit in Penrith needs a loving home - Currently awaiting adoption at Penrith Veterinary Hospital

Penrith Veterinary Hospital have had a rabbit handed in.  They are looking for a home for this pet rabbit urgently. 

He is a red-eyed white rabbit with black stripe down his back. 

Phone Carissa on 02 4721 5494 if you can save this rabbit.  
You can also email your enquiry to: vets@penrithvet.com.au

He will be put down on Friday if someone does not take him.  

Please help and pass this around facebook etc if you can.  

Penrith Veterinary Hospital has a very good page on rabbit care at:http://www.penrithvet.com.au/rabbits.htm