Sunday, August 31, 2014


Free Desexing with every rabbit adoption.

Free Vaccination with every rabbit adoption from The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary Adoption Centre.  Vouchers are available for people with a health care card to desex their undesexed rabbit cheaply.

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A very successful fundraising event for The Rabbit Sanctuary held in Maclean NSW
Thank you to Sam and everyone who helped in so many ways.
Our raffle was on show with a Hound House Kennel and dozens of other prizes. We will run this raffle until just before Christmas. If you would like to buy a ticket just text 0416062947 and we will text you the bank details to your phone. Your name will be written on a ticket so you are in the draw.


BINDI is a glamorous black girl lop rabbit. She is very energetic and will come for treats. She doesn't enjoy being picked up which makes it hard for her to get a home as most people want cuddle bunnies:(  Transport to most places. Ph/Text Kim on 0416062947
Looking for someone to adopt her who will accept her for how she is and love her.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Giant Rabbit Adoption

Giant rabbit adoption
MIFFY MARTHA gets a loving home with Lisa from Coffs Harbour. Lisa is so happy as this giant girl rabbit is the first girl in her little family of 2 boys and hubby! She said that for the first time ever she could buy pink! She bought her a pink harness!!!

Rabbits for Adoption Lismore

We deliver rabbits for adoption to Lismore NSW ph/text Kim on 0416062947
ROSANNA Sealpoint girl rabbit available

Rabbits for Adoption Ballina

We deliver rabbits for adoption to Ballina NSW

Saturday, August 23, 2014


White male mini lop for adoption
KRUSHA has just arrived at The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary and has all his vet work done including his Desexing
 and vaccination. 

Mini lop for adoption 
We deliver to most places eg Grafton, 
Sydney, DUBBO, Byron Bay, Lismore etc

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Garden Bunnies

Garden Bunnies

What's a Garden Bunny?

A Garden Bunny is one that lives in someone's garden.  The requirements for care and housing are as follows:

The first thing you need for a pair of Garden Bunnies (yes, we recommend two so they have a friend) is a dog proof yard which has good fencing with no holes that a bunny can get through.

The second thing you need is a large weatherproof hutch or kennel under some shelter and shaded from midday and afternoon sun.

Thirdly you need a big bowl of water in a cool place which should be changed daily and a day and night's supply of a good quality rabbit pellet and premium grade hay. The dry foods should be kept in the hutch or kennel out of the weather.

Why have Garden Bunnies?

Having a couple of beautiful pet rabbits living in your garden helps make your private garden a joyous and peaceful place to be.  Some rabbits prefer to interact with their humans from a distance and will learn quickly to come right up for treats and pats too.

Would you like to have your own Garden Bunnies?

If you would like to try out some pet rabbits to live in your garden then contact The Rabbit Sanctuary and we can send you some if you have the correct garden setup as above.  Call or Text Kim on 0416 062 947 for more information. Give an abandoned rabbit or two a home. It will bring you a lot of joy.

We can deliver pet rabbits to most places on the Eastern seaboard including regional towns and Sydney and Melbourne. Dubbo, Grafton, Armidale, Port Macquarie, Taree, Lismore, Central Coast, Northern NSW and more.

Rabbit Adoption!

Rabbit Adoption 

We are happy to announce the adoption of two rabbits from The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary to a family in Woodford Island NSW.  Rabbits, Jacinta and Blacky who are best friends were offered a loving home as family pets by Brodie and her daughter Chantelle.

We have many more beautiful abandoned rabbits looking for loving homes.  We are rescuing more and more each day so please consider supporting our work by any of the following:

Donations to help us cover vet bills for desexing and vaccinating and other veterinary treatment.
Adopt a rabbit. Would you like to get your current pet rabbit a friend or adopt a pair of bunnies?
Share our site on Facebook.  Just type in your own Facebook status
Plus us on Google Plus
Share one of our available rabbits on Facebook. We put them up on Facebook all the time.

We are a rabbit rescue and we rescue, rehabilitate and adopt rabbits from along the Eastern seaboard of Australia from Victoria, Sydney, Brisbane and everywhere in between.

Rabbit Adoption
Rabbit Adoption

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pet Rabbit Adoption in DUBBO NSW

Rabbit adoption in DUBBO NSW

We have had quite a bit of enquiry for rabbits for adoption in DUBBO NSW lately. We have just delivered one to Port Macquarie that will be driven to DUBBO to his new home in a nearby area. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary: - RABBITS AVAILABLE -


Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary: - RABBITS AVAILABLE -: Adopt A Rabbit Our viewer below shows rabbits for adoption to good homes. Consider adoption a male and a female as pals. Our rabbits are a...

Grafton Rabbit Adoption

Thank you to Naomi Evers for adopting LOLA as her very special pet bunny. LOLA will live in Grafton not far from The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary.

Adopt a pet rabbit

Rabbits for Sale

Looking at Rabbits for Sale in Gumtree or pet shops?

Thinking of buying a rabbit? 

Why not consider saving a life and adopting your baby rabbit or perhaps a pair of rabbits?
Every rabbit adopted makes a space for us to rescue another rabbit.

Look on our Available Rabbits page and see if you could fit one or two into your heart and home.

Adopt a Rabbit in Grafton NSW

Rabbits in Grafton

Many people think pet shop when they think of baby rabbits for sale. Not everyone in Grafton knows about The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary where abandoned pet rabbits come in from all forms of abandonment including vets, council pounds, animal shelters, RSPCA, lost and found rabbits etc.

Local Grafton residents are coming to know about The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary in Rushforth via South Grafton. There are always between 50 and 80 rescued pet rabbits in residence awaiting loving homes.

Most of our rescue rabbits fly to Sydney or Melbourne or other places like Taree, Port Macquarie and other regional towns.

Local adoptions tend to be in Yamba, Maclean, Iluka, Couttes Crossing or Nymboida.

We encourage people to set up playpens in their homes so the bunnies can be part of the family.

To have your rabbit in the house with you the first thing you need is a nice LITTER TRAY.
The photos below show a big litter tray with Rufus and Coco Premium Pet Bedding to soak up liquid covered with edible premium quality lucerne hay. The hay encourages the bunny to sit on his litter tray more and also stops any inclination to dig in the litter. The bedding is the best on the market and can be purchased online. Just Google it:) Put extra edible premium hay on the side for munching. By feeding hay on or above the litter tray your rabbit will spend more time on it and use it more.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Rabbit Adoption

Rabbit Adoption to Good Homes

Many rabbits from The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary are finding wonderful homes. Our two little bunny sisters, Bib & Bub went off to a good home today to South Grafton to a lovely granny who was adopted them for her grandson. The family had been planning bunnies for a while and had set up a big run with shelter for them in readiness.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


We often get the question, "Can I buy a Desexed female rabbit to put with my undesexed male rabbit?"

While it would be a great kindness to get him a friend. Are you able to afford to have him Desexed first? 

Most folk aren't aware of the fact that putting a Desexed female in with an undesexed male rabbit would be subjecting her to constant harassment.

 She would become extremely stressed and depressed. The male would also spray sperm over her whole body and head. She would smell horrible to you and to herself:(

Friday, August 1, 2014


RAMBO is a tame and friendly Dwarf Lop looking for a loving home. He is tame and friendly and loves laying stretched out in the winter sun and munching on pears! He's had a tough life and fought a few battles by the look of his one gorgeous ear that has a tiny old battle wound. He is the kind of bunny that makes you laugh with his antics and wins your heart instantly. His adoption fee is $25. We deliver to most places.
Photo of RAMBO (right) with his friend

He would not be happy in a cage as he is used to running free in the Big Rabbit Run at The Rabbit Sanctuary. He would love a home where he has a female bunny for a friend. He can come with his current friend if you want two bunnies which we think would be a great thing for him and you.