Monday, December 12, 2011

Success for 3 Orphaned Baby Bunnies

We are pleased and proud to announce that we were able to help a local school with 3 baby bunnies that the students unearthed in a sawdust pile at the school recently.  The baby bunnies were only a week old when the teacher brought them to the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary for hand rearing.  They took to the tiny bottle and teat well and were successfully reared and very healthy and playful indeed.  They loved playing in the Hound House BunnyHouse that was given to us for the rescue rabbits. 

The teacher found two lovely families to adopt the baby rabbits and we supplied them with care booklet, voucher for vet check and desexing at Riverbank Vet in South Grafton, a week's food and a little Hound House BunnyHouse for each family.  One family took the female and the other took the two males.  A happy ending for all concerned.

There are many pet companies that help us out in various ways with the rabbits that need a new home.  Please visit the page of this one to help them too in return.  Designer Pet accessories can be found on Coco and Pud's website.  Please give them a click or two for us.

Opt to Adopt

This time of the year is quite busy for rabbit rescue with many rabbits finding themselves without a loving home.  If you are considering buying a rabbit please consider adopting one first.

Baby Bunnies up for Adoption

We are hoping that our blog visitors will help us to spread the word about these baby bunnies that need a home. Click on their adoption page to see a photo.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Pet Furniture

Rabbit Accessories especially rabbit playpens make a pet rabbit's life better.
We can't stress enough how rabbits need more than a hutch or cage to live healthily, happily and comfortably. 

Rabbits need accessories and they need space to run around and to leap up high into the air. In fact we think they should have a minimum of a 16 panel pen surrounding their hutch in the day time. 24 panels is better. Rabbits need exercise to make their digestive systems work well.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Kaiser the Gentle Giant Rabbit for Adoption NSW Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary

Kaiser is a gentle giant rabbit. He is friendly and will come to you for pats. He is up for adoption and can go to a loving family that has plenty of room for him to hop. He can't be locked in a cage. He is too big and needs a lot of room to hope around in and be able to stand up on his back legs. When he does that he is quite tall.  In the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary we often think he is a small kangaroo when he is sitting up! That's because we are located in the Australian bush.  He is currently living in a 30 20 meter grassed enclosure.  He doesn't need that much space but he does need a run rather than a cage.  Please phone Kim on 0416062947 or post your expression of interest as a comment on this page if you are interested in adopting Kaiser Rabbit.  Pet transport can be arranged to take him to you. 
Kaiser the Giant Bunny

Rabbit Event in Sydney

  • On Sunday 27 November from 11.00 to 15.00
11 am – 3 pm Sunday 27 Nov 2011
 Lots for rabbits and rabbit lovers:
Hoppy Christmas will include a series of talks comprising of two children story-telling times for the little ones and four rabbit education talks including a Q&A session with expert exotics vet Dr Alex Rosenwax. All talks will take place in the Redfern Oval Community

Professional face painting & other children’s activities
Stalls with gifts for rabbits and humans and food
Talks from expert Vet, as well as Sydney rabbit connection, rabbit care and nutrition

Redfern Park , Redfern Street Redfern 2016
Notes: Sponcered by Sydney City Council 

Talk to the organisers
Companion Rabbit Advocates
Anne Hall
9319 2985

Monday, November 14, 2011

You probably saw it on our facebook page but did you know we found 2 baby rabbits in our roadside mailbox last week? Someone left them there in the night and we didn't find them until we went for the mail the afternoon of the next day. They were stuffed into the mailbox in a birdcage that was crushed to fit in.

They are a little girl and a little boy bunny. They are extremely tame and friendly and would make wonderful pets. Please phone 0416 062 947 if you think you could give them a place in your home and heart.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bertie Bunny Rabbit up FOR ADOPTION

Bertie Bunny is the gentlest best natured bunny.

He would make a wonderful house rabbit as he is very clean of habit and never soils his living areas.

He would be great for a family as he loves to interact with people and would enjoy the family room if he could have a playpen amongst the goings on of the family.

He is currently living with another rabbit and gets on with any rabbit as he is so friendly.

If you think Bertie Bunny would fit into your life please ring or text message 0416 062 947 now!

Willow 3 months male mini Lop rabbit up for adoption

Willow is looking for a special home as a house rabbit.

He is a baby rabbit with a gentle loving nature who loves cuddles. Willow is litter trained.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Tailor" has found a new loving home today!

We are very happy to announce that Tailor has been adopted today!  She has gone to a wonderful home with animal lovers.  Best for the future Tailor. 

We have other beautiful rabbits that are looking for a loving home so help us to spread the word on facebook, twitter etc with a link to our site 

Of course, as with all our rabbits they can always come back if need be so they have plenty of protection and safety.

Share for the sake of the rabbits

Just putting it out there that we need everyone to promote us on their websites and blogs and facebook, twitter etc to rehome lots of bunnies to happy loving indoor homes.  With the mozzy season here with us our workload is quadrupled to protect our rabbits from mosquitoes which cause a deadly disease called myxomatosis.  Please spread the word about the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary on your websites and facebook etc.

Low Cost Bunny Lawn Hutch Cage

A low cost rabbit enclosure can quickly and cheaply be made from wire panels, piece of plywood, a tarp all from Bunnings.

Some rabbits up for adoption

Here are some of our rabbits available for adoption.

Biting Fly Trap

This biting fly trap may be of interest to anyone with a fly problem around their rabbit areas.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Saturday, September 10, 2011

If you would like to help us to help the rabbits you now can using our PayPal page you can safely CONTRIBUTE
You don’t have to have a PayPal account to use this option.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Two beautiful rabbits adopted by two beautiful girls with big hearts

How wonderful that this family chose to adopt their pet rabbits.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WIN $200 worth of RABBIT PRODUCTS! Open to Pet Lovers & Pet Companies.

Support our rabbit rescue sanctuary sponsor and enter to WIN $200 worth of RABBIT PRODUCTS! Open to Pet Lovers & Pet Companies.

Choose your prizes to the value of $200 from any of the pet companies listed on The Pet Directory website. Pet Companies who participate will be in the running to be chosen by the winners. Just "LIKE" the facebook page and ENTER

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Have a look at Himmy!

Himmy is a quiet little Himalayan rabbit who loves people and pats.  He is our smallest rabbit.  See photos of him on our facebook page.  Click on this link: RABBIT PHOTO

A taste of Ginger!

We love Ginger here at The Rabbit Sanctuary.  She is a loving and loveable gentle rabbit with amazing ginger and white patches.  She came in from Queensland where she could not be kept due to a neighbour threatening to report her owners to the Government.

Ginger runs up to the side of the enclosure to say hello and loves being patted. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lots of White Rabbits Looking for Homes!

Are you looking to adopt a white rabbit!?  At The Rabbit Sanctuary we have some beautiful 'Alice in Wonderland' White Rabbits looking to become part of a loving family. There are big white bunnies and small white ones too.  There are some with dark eyes and some with the traditional pink eyes.  These are known as 'red eyed white' rabbits in the rabbit clubs amongst the registered breeders of purebred rabbits.  In rabbit shows the red eyed whites are very popular and come in a variety of breeds such as mini lops, dwarf lops, netherland dwarfs and lots of other breeds including angora rabbits.  We have rescued some New Zealand white rabbits with pink eyes and they are truly gentle rabbits of a medium to large size.  Other rescue rabbits include smaller dark eyed white and white rabbits with tips of colour on their ears, nose and feet.  Give us a call on 0416 062 947 or email us if you are interested in adopting a white rabbit.

Please visit our sponsors site to help us show our thanks for their support. Just click on the word Pet to get there. Please also like and make them a favourite site on facebook today!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Anyone like Black Rabbits?

We have quite a few black rabbits in The Rabbit Sanctuary.  They are all short haired rabbits and most are small.  All are very friendly and would make wonderful pets.  We recommend that if you are getting a rabbit to purchase a travel capsule to carry your new pet in.  You will find that you frequently need a carry cage e.g. when taking your rabbit to the vet or on holidays with you or just to keep him or her in while you clean the regular enclosure.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Racer gives up the races!

A lovely lady visited The Rabbit Sanctuary today and will be taking "Racer" the black rabbit who was rescued by a girl who grabbed him from a guy using him to bait greyhounds with. The girl's sister worked for the RSPCA so the guy is being prosecuted.  Racer will be inside evenings and cold days and outside on the grass on nice days.   We are organising equipment etc then Racer's new owner will visit Riverbank Animal Hospital with a special voucher from The Rabbit Sanctuary.  After that he will take up residence in his new family home. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Myxomatosis Hotline

Rabbit Profile: "Velvet" - Available for adoption

Velvet is a black rabbit of medium size.  He has the softest fur ever.  That's because he has what is known as 'plush' fur.  It feels like velvet which is how he got his name.  Velvet would love a home where is is inside at night with the family and on grass during the day.  He is LITTER TRAINED! Yes, he uses his litter tray perfectly so no mess to clean up inside.  If you would like photos and more on Velvet please email The Rabbit Sanctuary.  Velvet can be transported to anywhere in Australia.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Save Pet Rabbits from Deadly Myxomatosis Virus Send a Toy Rabbit to the Australian Government

CLICK TO SEE LARGE IMAGE     -     Send a note and include a toy bunny to the Australian Government to ask them to release the Myxomatosis vaccine to vets for pet rabbits.  Send to:  The Hon Joe Ludwig MP, PO Box 6022, House of Representatives, Parliment House, Canberra, ACT 2400   

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let us know if you have a rabbit needing a home

We can assist you to re-home your rabbit via our blog. 

To add your rabbit just add a 'comment' to the blog with a photo of your rabbit or rabbits that are up for adoption.  Put in your suburb and state and a description of the rabbit including personality, age, weight or size etc if you can.

You can also add a free notice to The Pet Directory website on the pets for adoption page. To do that you just register as a free member of the site and then add your listing. You can include 3 photos and a description.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rabbit in Urgent Need of a Home

We have a rabbit at a vet clinic in Queensland that urgently needs to be collected.  Please call if you can assist and give that rabbit a home in NSW or any state other than QLD. Phone: 0416 062 947