Saturday, November 24, 2018

New Rabbit Sanctuary Website and Logo

The Rabbit Sanctuary has a brand new website and logo. Please have a look here

We would like very much to publicly thank Rebecca Darmanin for her hours of work and great talent in setting up the new website which will help us do what we do best and that is to rescue rabbits and rehome them to good homes. 

Please have a look around our new site as there is a lot of information about adopting a rabbit and caring for rabbits. 

2019 will herald in more exciting changes to our website to make it a very valuable resource for the rabbit owning community. 

We love our new logo which features a rabbit and a dandelion to indicate that time never runs out for rabbits at The Rabbit Sanctuary.  Once again we thank Rebecca as well as Melya who added our brand colours. 

Saturday, November 10, 2018

The Rabbit as a Companion Pet

In Australia, pet rabbits have traditionally been kept in outdoor cages and hutches. This has resulted in rabbits being undervalued in our culture as a 'caged animal' rather than as a companion pet.

The Rabbit Sanctuary is encouraging people to think of the benefit to their family of a 'house rabbit'. On our website you will find quite a bit of information about keeping a rabbit in your home.

RHDV2 Rabbit Calicivirus Alert

Bunny owners may not be aware that there is a very deadly rabbit virus on the loose in Australia. It is known as RHDV2 Calicivirus and was released in Canberra in 2015 from a government laboratory in a security breach.

It has spread now to all states of Australia and rabbits are being reported as dying suddenly.

We encourage rabbit owners to:
Keep rabbits inside the house
Keep rabbits flea and fly free
Keep rabbits away from other rabbits either wild or domestic

There is no vaccine specifically for RHDV2 Calicivirus in Australia. Other countries such as USA, European countries and New Zealand have quickly moved to developing or importing a vaccine to protect pet rabbits and other domestic rabbits.

We suggest to pet rabbit owners that they contact their local MP and Federal MP to ask them to cut the red tape to allow the importation or manufacture of a vaccine to protect our pets.

The current vaccine, Cylap, protects against other strains of RHDV Calicivirus. We recommend vaccinating 6 monthly.