Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Rabbit Rescue

Rabbits in Need of Help

Rabbit Rescue often involves veterinary and nursing care of the bunnies that we rescue. Quite often they are sick or injured or just thin due to starvation.  

Rescue rabbit being medicatedThe photo shows Kim Cooney from The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary medicating a sick rabbit Francis who has been in the rabbit shelter near Grafton for some time. Kim says that when a bunny comes in that has a long term chronic illness or has suffered terrible starvation or cruelty she quite often makes the decision to keep them at the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary rather than attempt to find a home for them because she says "They have 'done their time with humans and now it is their time, a time to enjoy life with good care and veterinary support from the Sanctuary vet Dr Chris and his wonderful rabbit vet team in Grafton NSW". We thank him for his support of our rabbit shelter.

Francis has a common chronic disease known as ecuniculi or EC for short. This rabbit disease can affect various organs causing paralysis. When Francis came into the Rabbit Sanctuary he began to present with symptoms which quickly developed into a total body paralysis. Kim said, "Only his nose was moving and only slightly". He was seen by Dr Lucy who made his diagnosis and treatment has been ongoing and Francis lives a fairly normal life apart from occasional relapses which quick veterinary treatment and nursing by Kim fix up in no time. At the time of writing he is well enough to play happily with rabbit toys which is lovely to see.

If you would like to adopt a disabled or injured  rescue rabbit contact Kim at the Rabbit Sanctuary Australia for information on how you can work with her to help rescue rabbits in need. Text works best for Kim on 0416 062 947.