Monday, March 29, 2010

5 new rabbits in over the weekend at the Australian Rabbit Sanctuary "Where time doesn't run out."

This weekend at the Australian Rabbit Sanctuary we happily welcomed 5 gorgeous rabbits.  They are currently in 5 star accommodation in our Quarantine area where they will receive their Calici Virus Vaccination, worming, and special care.  They eagerly await their move to the big "Rabbit Run" set under the gum trees in the Australian Bush.  Some will also have to await desexing.  Here are their details:

  • "Skippy" and "Hoppy" - 2 of the biggest white rabbits called "Skippy" and "Hoppy" by the kind folk who found them and surrendered them.  They are very tame and cuddly.  They are both males and are close friends.
  • "Flopsy" a gorgeous light grey male rabbit 
  • "Mischa" a glamorous white lady with exquisite ginger markings came with "Shelley".
  • "Shelley" an amazing little rex rabbit in ginger with tasmanian tiger stripes. 
               Both "Mischa" and "Shelley" were found in someone's garden.

Rabbits are precious.  Don't let them hop away from faulty cages.  Treasure them.  They are loyal little pets who love pats and kind words and lots of carrots!!!  Your rabbits must have shade in the heat and warm enclosures in the cold.  They need secure housing and fencing.  They need fresh water daily and hay! Lots of hay!  Sanctuary rabbits have a base diet of Barastoc Rabbit Pellets with extra vegetables and hay hay hay!

You can litter train your rabbit just like a puppy or kitten.  You can keep your rabbit inside but make sure that you tape up your tv cords and other electrical cords as they love to chew!

Monday, March 15, 2010