Monday, April 27, 2015


Adopt a Rabbit

Hello everyone! I am Bushy bunny and I love hoppy around exploring. Treats are high on my list of enjoyments as well as showing off to people that watch me.

Bushy Bunny came in as a rescue from a neglectful situation. He has gone in to our vet for health check, desexing, parasite protection, & microchipping. He is a small minilop cross. He is looking for a loving home.

We deliver most places. Adoption fee is a donation of your choice to help us with our work. He is very tame and would make a lovely pet. Ph/Text Kim  on 0416062947 if you are interested in taking him into your home & heart.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Rabbit Rescue Foster Carers Needed

Rabbit rescue foster carers wanted Tweed HeadsBecome a rabbit rescue Foster Carer

Wednesday, April 22, 2015



NINJA GIRL IS 2.3KG and very friendly. She is litter box trained. She would make a lovely house rabbit. Very laid back and loves resting and watching people. Always ready for some stroking and loves being brushed with a soft brush.Available for live viewing in Tweed Heads NSW. We also deliver our bunnies to most locations. We fly them to Sydney and Melbourne and use car transport to regional towns. Phone or Text Kim Cooney on 0416062947 to give NINJA a loving home. $25 donation or more if you like!!! It all goes to rabbit rescue.



Monday, April 20, 2015

Shelter bunnies need you

Shelter rabbits are alone without an owner. They need you more than pet shoos need your money.

Friday, April 17, 2015


This black beauty is more than just a glamour girl. She is the perfect pet house rabbit. She is super friendly which is what saved her from life on the streets when she came up to be picked up by her rescuer. This black rabbit uses a litter tray and would add a touch of class to any home! Meet her in person in Tweed Heads or she can be transported to you. Ph/text Kim on 0416062947 to apply.
Fosterered with Ella Sparks.

Thursday, April 2, 2015



If you live in Tweed Heads or around there you can visit our bunnies in Foster Care at Bilambil Heights. It is not far from Byron Bay or Lennox Head, Ballina or even Lismore. Have a look at our rabbits for adoption below. There are mini lop rabbits, netherland dwarf rabbits, white, black, tan, brown, orange, all colours, shapes and sizes, males and females or we prefer to say girls and boys. Browse the photos and also look at our facebook page. To apply just use the drop down menu on our site here at top and select the adoption form.

BEAU A beautiful mini lop boy for adoption 1.8kg Tri-colour with great personality. He loves to run and play and he loves attention and is a real sookie baby that loves cuddles. House trained to use a litter tray.

BEAU is adorable. He is good with children. He puts his face down to get head scratches.

KISSIE KISSIE BUNNY 🐰💋🐰 has two kissing bunnies on her nose! Amazing kissing bunnies pattern on her dear little face. What a charming little girl bunny! 

She is up for adoption to an approved home. Apply on our form on the drop down menu. 

She is available for viewing at Tweed Heads and we can deliver to other locations. She has just been bonded with THEODORE who is a tiny Netherland Dwarf type boy. 

Available by donation of your choice that you can afford and want to contribute to our rabbit rescue work. 

FLOSS is a dwarf mini lop who loves to be around people. He is a house rabbit and uses his litter tray. He comes up to you and is great with children. We are looking for an indoor home for him where he will be part of a family.


(with Foster Carer Kim M. at Murwillumbah)
Small bunny boy only 4 months old. Very cute and cuddly and friends with his sister FLASH a tan and white little girl bunny with a lovely nature too. Ph/text Kim Cooney on 0416062947 if you would like to view these two little rabbits.


(with Foster Carer Alice)
A sweet bonded pair. They are full of personality.Great with kids!

 Angelique is shy and really enjoys stroking. Mike is proud of Angelique and sits with her constantly. He loves treats and stroking around his ears.
View in Tweed Heads .
Please fill in our Adoption Application.
Once approved you can take your choice.


Available separately or with another bunny. Currently in Foster Care at Byron Bay.

EBONY (In foster care with Kim Batey in Bilabial Heights Tweed Heads)
A very friendly pure black with up ears and medium size. Rescued & fostered by Ella Sparkes in Tweed Heads.
We don't often get a jet black rabbit so she will go

Wednesday, April 1, 2015