Friday, June 27, 2014

Spoil your bunny and help ours!

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This is an amazing delux rabbit drinker set which can be used two ways.

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Two ways you can use the deluxe rabbit drinker set:

You can have the water bottle over the dish to catch drips and with some water in it too for lapping and face washing or you can have rabbit pellets in the dish. Comes in lovely colours and grey. You can buy here and sales help abandoned rabbits:) Spoil your bunny and help ours!  

Delux Rabbit Drinker Set
Available in Coles & Woolworths and Online

Bunny Art - Rachel's cabinet: Nico and Miki

Rachel's cabinet: Nico and Miki
One of our favourite modern artists that loves bunnies:) Here is a link to see her artistic creation showing her childhood rabbit and childhood friend. Also read about her upcoming exhibition.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Rescue rabbit makes a friend

Did you know by clicking on g+ on any of our posts you help us to rehome rabbits?
FRANKLIN left The Rabbit Sanctuary for his new home as a friend for Simone's Bunski. It took a while for them to bond but now they are inseparable:) Simone wrote to tell us how much she loves him. Click the g+ below on this one:)

You too can adopt a bunny or two. Ph/Text Kim on 0416062947 to adopt a rabbit or two!

Minilop Adopted

Madison Minilop having cuddles at his new home with Katie and her boys in Lawrence NSW.
Did you know by clicking on g+ on any of our posts you help us to rehome rabbits?

Saturday, June 21, 2014


A quick easy way to bond bunnies:
1. Table handling for owner and new bunny to bond
You need a solid table with heavy cloth or blanket. People to sit at table not stand. That makes the rabbits more comfortable so less fear.
2. Table handling of both bunnies side by side contact then less controlled contact 
3. Bunnies relaxed and sitting/laying together comfortably on table
4. Bunnies together on floor 
5. Bunnies together in original Bunny's enclosure:)
Extra Rabbit Bonding Tips:
Table Handling is done with people sitting at a table with a heavy cloth or blanket on it. 
If rabbits are fighting this process will need to be repeated until successful.
Rabbits should be controlled so that neither rabbit is bitten.
Rabbits should be desexed. Hormones may cause fighting which can cause injuries.A fight can cause bad injuries.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

House Training A Pet Rabbit

House training a pet rabbit
All rabbits are territorial. We can use that 'territorialness' to our own advantage by setting up an area in the home which is HIS with a litter tray, ceramic bowls, hidey house, cat tunnels. 

Initially surround it with wire playpen panels 90cm high with a gate. (See photo below of a rabbit playpen)

Once he is using his tray perfectly, the gate can be open.

If he stops using his litter tray eg going in another room, return him to the playpen for a few days until he is again correctly using his tray.

Rufus and Coco have a wonderful white rabbit litter tray pet litter which absorbs everything. It is available in Coles or Woolworths or on the manufacturers' website. 

You should put edible hay over the rabbit pet litter. 

You should feed hay daily just an extra big handful on one side of the litter tray. 

This encourages the rabbit to use the litter tray.

Having your bunny in your home with your encourages interaction and ensures that your pet will remain a member of your family forever. The opposite to this is a dreaded cage in the backyard which then just becomes a chore that is only visited to clean or feed:(

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Rabbit Sanctuary Closed Monday

The Rabbit Sanctuary will be closed this Monday.