Friday, April 30, 2010

It is Rabbit Awareness Week!

Please help us to raise awareness for rabbits.  Rabbits need a big lift in their status.  They make a wonderful pet and can be just as important as a dog to their owners.  Rabbits can live inside and use a litter tray just like a cat.  They don't kill birds though!  They don't bark like a dog so make a great pet for apartment dwellers.  They do need more than a cage though.  A playpen is a great way to set up your rabbit in the house.  Playpen, litter tray, food dish, water dish, hidey hole like a box or special igloo etc... right in the family room so they can be petted and interact constantly with the family.  No smell if you change the litter tray often. 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rabbit Care Article

A short article with photos on creating a safe environment for a house rabbit.

Readers are welcome to add comments to add their knowledge to the information.

in reference to: Rabbits - a knol by RABBIT RESCUE SANCTUARY AUSTRALIA (view on Google Sidewiki)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Thank you to Dog Movers for low cost pet transport of rabbits

Four busy little rabbits arrived from Sydney to the Rabbit Sanctuary with a low cost fare from Dog Movers. Thank you Dog Movers pet transport.  Here are some photos of them disembarking ready for the second lap of their journey with the Rabbit Sanctuary team in the four wheel drive to make their home in the Australian Bush after their rescue by Tina from Blacktown, Sydney.

4 Sydney homeless rabbits made it to the Rabbit Sanctuary in northern NSW Australia


Transporting rescue rabbits has become a very busy part of what we do at The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary. We use a special rabbit courier that knows the transport needs of pet rabbits and their owners or rescuers. Her name is Michelle. Here are her details if you would like to have her handle your own rabbit transport.

Coates Pet Transport

Phone or text Michelle on 0410 455 754 and let her know we referred you.
Specialising in Rabbit Transport
Rabbit Flights from airport to airport
Rabbit Road Transport from town to town 

Rabbit Transport

Welcome to "Chewy", "lopsy", "Groucho" and "Minnie" who arrived at the Rabbit Sanctuary yesterday, 22nd April 2010.  Set in the Australian Bush, the Rabbit Sanctuary was a calming atmosphere for the four little buns when they emerged from their assorted rabbit carry baskets. 

They had journeyed long having come from Blacktown in Sydney to Rushforth near Grafton NSW where they were met by the Rabbit Sanctuary team as they met up with the pet transport company who transported them to their new home. 

In the post below you will read about their journey from sadness and fear to peace and tranquility in the Rabbit Sanctuary where time never runs out for rabbits...


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Welcome to "Charlie" and "Rexel" rabbits

Sunday 11/4/10 we welcomed two wonderful new rabbits to The Rabbit Sanctuary.  Great friends and living in a rabbit 'castle' they arrived with their loving owners who had moved up to Queensland from down south and then found out they couldn't keep their beloved pets due to archaic QLD laws.  Their rabbit 'castle' was too big to put in the small car so they dismantled it and then reassembled it on site at the Sanctuary.  It was a great kindness to the rabbits as they felt quite at home in their new surroundings from their familiar 'castle'.  They even brought with them their little play teddy.

Charlie is a rabbit that knows her (yes she is a she!) own mind in an agouti fur coat!  Rexel is soft and gentle soft grey otter colour with a loving nature but full of mischief.

Currently in their castle in the quarantine area responding well to the rabbit slaves that are continually passing and attending to their every need!  Soon they will head for the big rabbit run as desexed females they will be gradually integrated and fit in well.

A big welcome to Charlie and Rexel to their new home in the Australian Bush where time doesn't run out for rabbits... 

Praise for Saule & friends helping rabbits under Harbour Bridge in Sydney

Our praise and encouragement to Saule and her mother and to Diane and husband Wilfried who are helping to save rabbits that have been dumped in "Dave's Park" under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 

If you would like to help please contact Saule on 0405 005 332.  They need cages and a bird net or fishing net. 

These wonderful people have hire dog cages and are sitting in wait from 10pm to 12 pm nightly coaxing rabbits into the crates with carrots etc. 

We need to educate the public not to dump rabbits in parks or bush.  Recently the government rangers set poison baits in the park killing hundreds of rabbits.  These are the last survivors and are being attacked by dogs with bodies found constantly.

If you live in Sydney and can help in any way at all please call Saule on 0405 005 332.  Please cross post this on any forum.

Thank you.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Transport needed for 4 rabbits from Sydney to Grafton! Please spread the word...

We have a request for transport for rabbits from Sydney to The Rabbit Sanctuary in Northern NSW near Grafton.  There are 4 young female mini lops: one fawn, two are black and white and one is harlequin.  They have been in bad circumstances having been left by a young girl with her aged grandmother who kept them in a box in the laundry in a house of barking dogs with no attention or affection.  The aged care worker finally managed to rescue them with the grandmother's consent.  The carer however has been told by her landlord she cannot keep them there.

Please put the word out that we need transport from anyone who is travelling from Sydney or near Sydney to near Grafton / Coffs Harbour area in the near future that would be willing to bring them up.  Money would be provided for petrol.

If you can help with transport please contact:  Tina on 0432 322 763 who is located in Western Sydney in Blacktown but would drive them to other suburbs..  Her email is

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Jasper booked into the Rabbit Sanctuary today...

Jasper is a big fluffy white rabbit who just booked into the Rabbit Sanctuary.  He is a wonderful bunny, very polite and just getting used to the change in temperature between Armidale and Northern NSW.  
     He is happily munching a carrot and moving joyfully between his big litter tray and his pink fluffy mat in his spacious quarantine apartment. 
     Pretty soon he will be hopping in the big rabbit run with some wonderful friendly bunny pals.  

     Welcome to your new home in the Australian Bush Jasper! 
     Thank you to Dewi and Neil for showing him the way here.