Monday, April 30, 2012

We are pleased to announce the adoption of two of our rescue rabbits, big white Eskimo and big agouti Kaiser.  They will fly out to Sydney on Thursday via Coates Pet Transport to their new owner who lives in Nowra. We will miss these beautiful big bunnies gently hopping around in the Rabbit Sanctuary but we are pleased that they are going to a loving home where they will be house bunnies with a big backyard to hop around in. We thank this new owner for choosing to adopt rather than buy a rabbit.  She and her husband have gone to a lot of trouble in choosing and transporting these marvellous bunnies.
Jersey Wooly Rabbit
We have a rare Jersey Wooly rabbit in the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary at the moment.  Read about this rare rabbit breed on the Jersey Wooly Rabbits Facebook page where you will find a well written short article about this fascinating rare rabbit breed. If you are interested in adopting the little Jersey Wooly girl we have in the Sanctuary ring 0416 062 947 or email us. See our contact us form on this blog. (update: We have been treating her for a sore eye since arrival at the Sanctuary. It has cleared up but a small mark remains on one eye which is not very noticeable.  We have also taken in another Jersey Wooly cross rabbit with a beautiful long but almost carefree coat.  It must be Jersey Wooly Rabbit Month! All enquiries most welcome if you would like to adopt a rabbit.  Remember that by adopting a rabbit you make a space available for us to rescue another rabbit.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rabbit for adoption

This is Teddy. She is a tame friendly rabbit up for adoption. Please help us get her a good home by sharing.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pet Rabbits for Adoption

Have you got room in your home and your heart for a pet rabbit?  They are easy to keep if you set it up right.

We suggest this kit for a house rabbit:

Pet enclosure playpen (buy cheaply the wire panels at Bunnings who sell them in their garden recycling aisle.
HoundHouse's RabbitHouse to sleep and hide in
Ceramic (heavy) food and water dish
Litter tray with pet litter in corner of pet enclosure.
Barastoc Rabbit Pellets, Hay, Carrot, Greens

Your rabbit from the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary will come desexed, vaccinated, wormed, litter trained, loving people and pats.

Can you provide a home for a bunny in your house and heart?

Our Rabbit Adoption website blog thingy.

Rabbits for Adoption

Two beautiful rabbits for adoption @ the RABBIT RESCUE SANCTUARY In northern NSW Australia

Eskimo Rabbit

ADOPTED!  This is big Eskimo Bunny Rabbit. He is very friendly and loves pats. He lives at the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary