Monday, April 30, 2012

Jersey Wooly Rabbit
We have a rare Jersey Wooly rabbit in the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary at the moment.  Read about this rare rabbit breed on the Jersey Wooly Rabbits Facebook page where you will find a well written short article about this fascinating rare rabbit breed. If you are interested in adopting the little Jersey Wooly girl we have in the Sanctuary ring 0416 062 947 or email us. See our contact us form on this blog. (update: We have been treating her for a sore eye since arrival at the Sanctuary. It has cleared up but a small mark remains on one eye which is not very noticeable.  We have also taken in another Jersey Wooly cross rabbit with a beautiful long but almost carefree coat.  It must be Jersey Wooly Rabbit Month! All enquiries most welcome if you would like to adopt a rabbit.  Remember that by adopting a rabbit you make a space available for us to rescue another rabbit.