Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Funky Pies are made without meat! AND they Help Rabbits & Other Animals!!!

Thank you Angie for those amazing Funky Pies you had delivered to The Rabbit Sanctuary today!!! 
We needed the extra energy and taste sensation today with all this rain we are having. 
Visit their site because they not only make unreal pies they help animals:)

Funky Pies are Planet friendly, eco-funky foods freshly made and baked at Angie's Bondi CafĂ©.  Looking on their unreal website I can see that you can buy these amazing pies fresh or frozen, retail or wholesale, in store or online.

Best of all they are meat free and very vegetarian!  Visit their site because they not only make unreal pies they help animals:)

Take a look at this! A wonderful Bunny Site with lots of information on Rabbit Care

This site is amazing and we encourage you to visit it to read all the helpful and hard to find information on bunny care.
The site is run by Wendy Parsons in South Australia who started the site after she found that many many people are seeking information on how best to care for their pet rabbits.  Wendy's information is based on her own personal experience with rabbits as pets and advice from vets and other rabbit experts through the years.

Topics covered are:
Buying a Rabbit, Understanding your Rabbit, Biting Rabbits, Living with a Rabbit, Teaching your Rabbit to use a Litter Tray and other useful rabbit advice:

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lilibun is Adopted! Congratulations Tristy!

Lilibun went home in her new mother's arms wrapped in a soft white nappy to be loved and cared for like you wouldn't believe!  Thank you Tristy for choosing Lilibun as a companion for your other rescue bun "Bubbles".  See a photo of Lilibun and read her story here.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rabbits for Adoption - Give a Sanctuary Bunny a Loving Home

We have dozens of beautiful rabbits to select from in all breeds and colours. 

Got a preference for a colour in rabbit eyes?

Our rescue rabbits have all different coloured eyes to choose from!

Some rabbits have blue eyes, some brown and some pink!

Make an appointment to visit the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary to adopt a rescue rabbit today!

Phone: 0416 062 947 to adopt a rabbit.  We are located in Northern NSW and we can also deliver to Sydney and Melbourne or anywhere along the East Coast of Australia.  

Monday, July 5, 2010

Lilibun looking for a new home - Big News! Lilibun is Adopted! Congratulations Tristy!

You can see our newest arrival at The Rabbit Sanctuary on The Pet Directory website in their new Pet Classifieds. 

Click here to view photos and description.  She was found on a vet's doorstep in the early hours of a cold morning. The vet rang The Rabbit Sanctuary and we rescued her.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

One or Two Rabbits?

Thinking of buying or adopting a rabbit?  If you can't spend most of your day and night with the rabbit then get two!  Rabbits love company.  Having two will not stop them loving you just as much as if they were an 'only rabbit'.   Care needs to be taken when introducing two rabbits for the first time.  The Rabbit Sanctuary can pair up your two rabbits of choice before you take them home.