Monday, May 23, 2022

The Rabbit Sanctuary Foster Carers Video Series

The Rabbit Sanctuary has a series of videos of volunteer Foster Carers. Watch them below to find out about what it is like to foster rescue rabbits for The Rabbit Sanctuary. 

Fostering at the Rabbit Sanctuary with Kelly O'Keeffe | Foster Carer Friday Series | Episode 1

Introducing ⭐️Foster Carer Kelly 
Based in Central Coast NSW

Kelly tells us what fostering is like for her - the highs and the lows. She highlights the value of belonging to a caring community group rescuing abandoned pet rabbits.

Why You Should Foster Rabbits | Foster Carer Friday Series | Episode 2

Introducing ⭐️Foster Carer Karolina
Based in Sydney NSW

Listen to Karolina talk about how she began fostering on the recommendation of her friend and the benefits that she’s found from fostering rescue rabbits for the The Rabbit Sanctuary. We love how she says she feels part of our community which has been a big highlight for her.

Priyanka Prabhaharan Shares Her Rabbit Fostering Experience | Foster Carer Friday Series | Episode 3

Introducing ⭐️Foster Carer Priyanka
Based in Sydney NSW

Priyanka shares her experiences of fostering for The Rabbit Sanctuary for almost five years! She has fostered many rescue rabbits and still hears from many of their adopters. She says that seeing all her past fosters living happy lives with their new families makes it all worth it. Priyanka also mentions that it’s been amazing to see the growth in the numbers of bunnies The Rabbit Sanctuary can take in, all thanks to the help of Foster Carers!

Being a Rabbit Foster Mum with Mel Chapman | Foster Carer Friday Series | Episode 4

Introducing ⭐️Foster Carer Mel
Based in Lismore NSW

Whilst visiting The Rabbit Sanctuary, we were lucky enough to interview ⭐️ Foster Carer Mel who shared her fostering experiences. Mel fosters up to 5 rabbits at once and says it’s been an amazing experience, not only for herself but also her whole family. She’s found that fostering has been great to teach her children responsibility and kindness to animals. Mel has also helped the sanctuary through bunny boarding and being a Bunny Runner!

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Hay for Rabbits

 The Rabbit Sanctuary recommends feeding a minimum of two types of hay to rabbits. Photos two types of hay. One is a grassy hay and one is a cereal hay. Teff Hay is a grassy hay and Oaten Hay is a cereal hay. 

Teff Hay MultiCube Compressed

Oaten Hay MultiCube Compressed Bale

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Don’t buy a rabbit for Easter - A rabbit is not a product

 Did you see The Rabbit Sanctuary in the media recently? 9Honey published a great rabbit article to warn folk of the dangers of impulse buying of rabbits in pet shops and online and how they end up unwanted and abandoned after Easter. 

"A rabbit is not a toy, and a rabbit is not a product and they are a lifetime commitment, they can live anything up to 13 years of age. When we take on a rabbit we should be looking at it as a forever pet, not a quick thrill for children at Easter," founder of The Rabbit Sanctuary Kim Cooney tells 9Honey.

Visit 9Honey to read the full article - Rabbits are not for Easter - Rabbits are not Products 

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Rabbits that have waited the longest for a home

Thinking of adding a bunny to your family? Consider adopting one of these bunnies!🐰

These gorgeous bunnies have been waiting over a year for a forever home. They have been overlooked due to no fault of their own! 

They are all such incredible bunnies who would make addition to your family. In the coming weeks we will be doing spotlight profiles on each of these bunnies, providing more photos and giving you more of an insight into their personalities!

In the meantime, please message us if you’d like more information! 

You may notice most of these bunnies are REWs (Ruby Eyed Whites). REWs are known for being friendly and inquisitive bunnies, but many people overlook them only because of their eye colour. If you give them a chance, we promise you will absolutely fall in lovely with them and their darling personalities 🐰💕

We will also soon be doing a post on bunny pairs waiting a while too- stay tuned!

Apply to adopt:

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Central Coast NSW Bunnies Need Help!


We urgently require new Foster Carers for Ellise, and bonded pair Hop & Delilah on the central coast.

Please send us a message and apply to foster online if you can help!

Apply to foster:

Bonded pair Hop and Delilah are also ready for adoption, so if you are interested in adopting this gorgeous pair of nethies please apply to adopt-