Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rabbit Adoption Visitors Today

Visitors Today who either visited our blog or called us or came to the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary to adopt rabbits...

Today we have had visitors looking for rabbits for adoption from:

* Lismore which is 2 hours away from us here in Rushforth via South Grafton
* Randwick NSW which is 13 hours away but remember we can use pet transport to deliver the rabbits you adopt.
* Preston in Victoria
* Hornsby in Sydney New South Wales  and we thank them for their interest in our work with bunnies
* Strathfield NSW who liked our information on Rabbit Adoption
* Sutherland who use the Sutherland vet for their rabbit's care
* Coffs Harbour NSW which is only 40 minutes away from the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary and our Rabbit Adoption Centre!  
* Woy Woy who emailed us about a little bunny in a nursing home.

Thank you all for visiting or contacting us today.

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit "Marshmallow" who lives out her life at the Rabbit Sanctuary. She is 10 years old now and was a Queensland magician's rabbit.  The magician asked if she could surrender her and let her live out her life because in Queensland the magician can only own 2 rabbits and this little nethie was too old for the magic act.

Rabbits in Lismore 1924 news snippet of interest

Item from Lismore newspaper from 1924
2 September 1924
(as shown in Trove 20 December 2012
LISMORE, Monday.
Workmen engaged in digging gravel at North Lismore inside the municipal boundary this afternoon captured three rabbits.  The discovery occasioned considerable surprise locally, as it had been thought that rabbits would not exist on the North Coast owing to the climate and the nature of the soil.
We just through we would share this snippet about rabbits from the past with you.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Visitors to the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary Blog this morning

Thank you for visiting our Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary Blog today.

So far we have had visitors from many places in Australia including Brisbane QLD, Engadine, Sydney, NSW, Strathfield in Sydney, Melbourne VIC, Sydney, Young NSW, Balmoral, Point Piper, Double Bay, Como and Sutherland in Sydney. We have also had some local to us visitors from Maclean, Harwood, Grafton and Couttes Crossing.  Many thanks to you all for hopping in to read our Rabbit adoption information.

If you have a blog or website please add a link from yours to ours to help us get homes for rabbits.

If you have a Facebook page please add a link to us in your comments or status note today and make us a 'favourite' page.  It all helps rabbits to find loving homes.  We have many beautiful rabbits available for adoption.

If you would like to visit the Rabbit Sanctuary Adoption Centre to see the beautiful bunnies please time your visit for morning or afternoon during summer because in the hot part of the day the rabbits are resting in the shade of their "Rabbit Tree Houses" and so you don't really get to chat with them.

The very best time to visit is 5pm because the rabbits are out and about and it's 'Carrot Time'!

Please make a booking via our mobile phone: 0416 062 947 by voice or text message.  Thank you.

What is Rabbit Adoption?

Getting totally confused about the talk of "rabbits for sale" and "rabbits for adoption"?  "What is the difference between rabbits for sale and rabbits for adoption?" you might ask.  In this blog post we will try to explain.

Rabbits for Sale 

If you see a rabbits for sale sign or ad you can be fairly sure that the rabbit that is up for sale is one that was bred for the pet market as a product to sell to the public.  Sometimes a rabbit ends up being for sale when it fails to meet the rabbit breeder's criteria for showing or breeding purposes.  Some rabbit breeders breed for show and others breed purely to supply baby rabbits to the pet market.

Rabbits are for sale in many pet shops or from breeders that show as members of a rabbit club while some are sold by people who are known as 'backyard breeders'.  These are people who keep rabbits to breed baby bunnies to sell to the public or to pet shops.

Many cute baby rabbits are purchased from pet shops on impulse by the public.  Often these babies end up in the animal welfare system when they outgrow their baby cuteness.  Impulse rabbit buyers are often unaware of the needs and behaviours of a fully grown rabbit.   Often they begin to hate their rabbit when it becomes an adolescent full of hormones.  Often their rabbit begins to attack them and they don't know why so they surrender the rabbit to the RSPCA or a private animal shelter.  Unfortunately there are so many rabbits being surrendered to shelters that we get an imbalance in supply and demand and hundreds of beautiful pet rabbits are put to sleep (euthanised) across Australia on an ongoing basis as more are bred and sold than can be re-homed via the rabbit rescue systems currently in place.

By buying a baby rabbit from a breeder rather than adopting one you are missing out on quite a lot.  For example the baby rabbit will not be vaccinated or microchipped and will be quite costly.

(NB You might also like to read our article on "Why Desex My Rabbit?" which explains the benefits for the pet rabbit owner of desexing.)

Rabbits for Adoption

Rabbits are offered for adoption for various reasons.  As mentioned above, sometimes people buy a baby rabbit then tire of him or her or they find that their circumstances change and it becomes difficult or impossible to keep their pet rabbit.

Rabbits for adoption are ones that have either found their way into the RSPCA or a private animal or rabbit rescue shelters or are being privately offered for adoption by owners that feel they cannot keep them any longer.  For example this link leads to a private family trying to adopt baby bunnies that their rabbits gave birth to.

Rabbits in the animal welfare system are at high risk for a number of reasons, one being that due to the ongoing sale of rabbits in pet shops, sale by backyard breeders and the excess sold by registered rabbit club breeders their is a high chance that the rabbit will be put to sleep by lethal injection.  Please be aware that there are different rules at the various drop off points for abandoned rabbits.  All shelters have a limited capacity to take in and hold rabbits until they are found homes.  Often rabbits are abandoned or surrendered to veterinarians.  Some vets try to find the rabbits a home and even desex, vaccinate and microchip the rabbits before they go.  Sometimes the rabbits are put to sleep.

If you are thinking of surrendering your rabbit you should ask the vet or shelter what their policy is regarding whether they will put the rabbit to sleep or keep him or her until a home is found.  You should also consider getting some advice from the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary about the options available to you.  There are many options and we can assist you if you email, text or call us on 0416 062 947.  See our contact page for more information.

 The Rabbit Sanctuary is a 'no-kill' shelter.  Rabbits that are surrendered are kept until they are adopted to good homes.  Some have been at the Rabbit Sanctuary for years because they have not been chosen by anyone to be their special pet.

If you have read this far you will be beginning to see that adopting a rabbit instead of buying one would help break the cycle.  If you choose to adopt a rabbit instead of buying one you will be saving a life because you make a space for another rabbit to be rescued and offered for adoption.

If you adopt a rabbit from the Rabbit Sanctuary you get lots of added value.  Here is what you get:
Your newly adopted rabbit will be:
Mite Free
Vet checked for health
Vet checked for teeth
A Rabbit Care Booklet
A Rabbit House Name Tag by Pet Homes (You can click to get one free for your rabbit along with other free products to try!)
A discount voucher for a RabbitHouse by HoundHouse which we recommend as rabbits love them:)
A big glossy copy of The Pet Directory which contains care articles on rabbits and other pets

An angora and a lop rabbit for adoption

There are many rabbits available for adoption at the Rabbit Sanctuary in NSW

A mini lop available for adoption at the Rabbit Sanctuary.
Rabbits can be delivered to you by pet transport in NSW and VIC.  

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rabbits for Adoption - December 2012

At The Rabbit Sanctuary we have over 50 rabbits available for adoption to good homes.  A good home is one where the rabbit is included as part of the family not locked away in a tiny cage prison.  A good home is one that considers the new rabbit as a long term family member not just an object to be bought and discarded.  We don't have rabbits for sale.  We have rabbits for adoption.  All rabbits are desexed and vaccinated.  Adoption fees start from $25 to $150.  All rabbits are healthy and vet checked. Their toenails are trimmed and they have good teeth.  We do have disabled rabbits and some people like to adopt them to give them a loving family home too.  Read our article "What is rabbit adoption?"

Here are some rabbits available for adoption in December 2012:


Misty is a very nice bunny. Would you like to adopt her?

Tabitha and Panda


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rabbits Get New Rabbit Shelters

Here at The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary we have been constructing new housing in the "Big Rabbit Run".  The new rabbit houses are like 'Tree Houses'.  They are made of logs and pallets with corrugated iron roofs and weather panels.

Here is a mini video of Big Bunny and little Marshmellow rabbits cautiously checking out the temporary wooden ramp leading up to the Rabbit Tree House.  This mini vid was taken during construction as we began the process of getting the rabbits used to their new shelters.

Rabbits checking out the new Rabbit Ramp up to the Rabbit Tree House

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Today we remember Jim Cooney - Co-Founder of The Rabbit Sanctuary

The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary today remembers Jim Cooney who left us one year ago.

Jim along with his wife of 42 years, Kim, established the Sanctuary for rabbits in need of shelter.

Jim spent hour each day caring for them.  When the work was done you would so often see him with a bunny in his arms, his face nestled into its fur. Jim loved the rabbits and cared for them with a passion.  If anyone else volunteered to lend a hand Jim would go right around the lot and check every dish to make sure they had fresh food and water.

It has been hard for his family and friends to lose such a wonderful person.  Kim and their son Adam have established a memorial garden on the property for Jim.  There is a little bunny sitting in it right now which is as it should be.  Can you see her in the photo below?

The photo shows the bird bath fountain and Jim's adopted dog Rommy who guards the rabbits. Rommie loves to sit in the memorial garden. It's like he knows.  In the background of the photo you can see a little bit of the Big Rabbit Run. It shows the new "Long House" recently made for rabbit enjoyment and shelter in the Top Rabbit Run and one of the little Rabbit Houses.  On the left you can see "Rabbit Mountain" that is a huge pile of sandy rocky soil that is so hard the rabbits have to work hard to dig tunnels in it and they love to sit on top.

We ask that today people will send their enquiries for surrenders and adoption via email as the family gather to remember Jim with a walk in the memorial garden and a day dedicated to him.  Family members will bring a plant and memento to place in the memorial garden for Jim.

The email is We will respond to enquiries on Sunday.  Thank you.

Jim's Memorial Garden at The Rabbit Sanctuary

Email Enquiries Only Today

Memorial Day for Co-Founder Jim Cooney.  Please make your rabbit rescue, rabbit surrender, and rabbit adoption enquiries via email today (Saturday 24 November) and we will respond on Sunday. Thank you.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Local enquiry for rabbits for sale in the Clarence Valley is picking up. Most of our rabbits go to wonderful homes in Sydney and Melbourne however recently we have rehomed rabbits locally to people in Grafton NSW, South Grafton, Lismore, Ballina, Iluka, Yamba, Maclean and Coutts Crossing areas.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

1/11/12 Phone not working. Use our email instead please. see or post on our blog.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Buy a baby rabbit?

Would you like to buy a baby rabbit? How about adopting a baby bunny?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Rescued baby rabbit for adoption

Tiny rescued baby rabbit available for adoption to good home. 
$25 which includes: vet voucher, care booklet. 
Wormed and mite free. Friendly. Will be a very small rabbit as adult.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wow! Lots more friends on Blogger!

We are excited because we are gaining friends on Blogger!  Have a look at them on right menu.  Thanks everyone for joining us.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We love rabbits!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Postie bunny found tonight

Postie and Stamp were dumped in the
Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary roadside mailbox.
The both found wonderful homes.
We had a very upset owner ring today asking for advice as "Postie" their adopted pet rabbit from the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary had gone missing.  Noone knew how or where Postie got out but was nowhere to be seen.

The good news is that Postie turned up in a cupboard in the house where he had somehow managed to lodge and couldn't get out.  The owners heard him scratching and found him to their great delight.  He would be one over-cuddled bunny tonight for sure!!!

Postie was one of two bunnies dumped in our roadside mailbox in a birdcage that had been scrunched up to fit into it.

Friday, August 10, 2012

New home for Talia bunny

Latest report is little Talia is settling in well and venturing into the lounge room to see Andrew and Kelly. We knew they were just the ever so right family for this sweet bunny.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Rabbit Communication | Rabbit Behaviour | Rabbit Talk (Snatter)

Rabbit Behaviour 

How rabbits communicate...

Rabbits can talk! Well, they talk in their own way, not how we humans talk!  Humans can however learn rabbit talk!

Rabbits talk mainly by 'signalling'.  Signalling involves body movement mainly however rabbits do make noises mainly when they are in pain. 

Some rabbit talk via signalling which we will refer to as 'snatter' (rabbit 'chatter')
* Running up to you = looking for favourite food (reward them with a healthy titbit)
* Running up and down a cage = wanting food or water or just plain wanting out of the cage
* Sitting up on haunches with alert look = feeling some danger in the air 
* Sitting up on haunches cleaning face = very contented and happy
* Head down facing another rabbit = being submissive 
* Jumping and twisting in air called a 'Binky' = energetic and happy
* Rolling and laying on side = relaxed and contented with no fear
* Sitting with feet under body and underneath something = hiding in a tunnel underground 
* Lunging at your hand = territorial behaviour often caused by being locked up in a cage

There are many more ways that rabbits 'snatter' and we advise you to observe and note down all the ways your rabbit tries to communicate with you.

Rabbit exercise

It sure is cruel to lock a pet rabbit in a cage or hutch. Pet rabbits need the same exercise in their life as a wild rabbit would get.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Carrot the rabbit

Cute little Carrot will come home from vet hospital Friday.  She is very very cute and so friendly and curious. After a week or two she will be ready to be adopted by a loving family.  She would make a great house rabbit because she is meticulous in using her litter tray. Dear little Carrot:)

Rabbit microchip

We are now microchipping female rabbits when they go in for desexing.  The don't feel any pain as they are 'under'.  The microchip will enable us to identify them.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Two girl rabbits off to the vet for desexing

Two bunnies all ready to go in for desexing first thing. Two girl rabbits: Chinny and Mandy will be available for adoption to suitable homes when they are over their operations.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Hutch is Not Enough

Bring your bunny into your life. Bring life to your bunny. A hutch is not enough. Watch this rabbit move from pet shop to cage. See the amazing easy low cost alternative to a hutch.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

House Rabbit

So many people in Australia think that a rabbit is ok in a cage. How would you like to be in a cage all your life or even for half an hour?

If you are a person who has a rabbit that shares your home and your garden please post a photo on our Facebook page.

4 rabbits found wonderful homes today at the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary

 A great day for the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary Adoption Centre

4 beautiful lop rabbits went today to wonderful homes @ South Grafton and Lismore (Goonellabah)!

A great day at the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary.

We look forward to photos on our facebook page from the new owners!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rabbit Adoption Bookings Today

We have wonderful people coming to adopt rabbits today from Ballina.  We look forward to Ben's visit. I wonder which two rabbits he will choose?  We will let you know later and show photos!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


ADOPT A RABBIT from the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary and for $ a donation of your own choice you can get a rabbit to love with lots of extra value such as: 

Rabbits can be delivered to you anywhere between Tweed Heads to Sydney, Newcastle, Woolongong, and Melbourne and other places in between. We are located near Grafton and Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie and Lismore NSW.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Queensland Rabbit Rescue

Update on the big rabbit rescue in Queensland. 

The rabbits are now safe in the hands of the QLD RSPCA and soon on their way to us at the 

Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary in NSW.  We will see you soon little bunnies

These little rabbits will never have to suffer being put near greyhound dogs ever again! 

A first for 

rabbits in Qld

Thank you to the courage of a lovely Qld girl who wishes to remain anonymous who took a big risk and saved them from their terrible circumstances. 

We worked with the 
Qld Govt and RSPCA on this one
 in an historical rabbit rescue. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Minky - Adopt a Jersey Wooly Cross Rabbit

Minky loves to sit under the pink play table under the mango tree in the big rabbit run.
Minky has long fur which is easy to maintain due to her being a Jersey Wooly cross rabbit.
If you would like to adopt Minky call or text to 0416 062 947.
Transport available along East Coast of Australia by pet transport.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Transport wanted for adopted rabbit Grafton to Bangalow

Rabbits have people interested in adopting them but we need transport.

We are seeking a lift for a rabbit hitch-hiker from the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary Grafton to Bangalow or even to Lismore.  We have people who will adopt but we need someone to deliver the rabbits.

Please phone 0416 062 947 if you can assist us to drive bunnies up to their new homes.  Another way to help is to pay for the transport via pet transport company to get them there.

3 bunnies need a lift to their new homes. Can you help?

Rabbit Adoption Photos

Rabbit Adoption is increasing at the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary Northern NSW in the Clarence Valley.

Have a look at the photos on the link above.

Our latest adoptions were Tuesday and Wednesday with a lovely family taking two bunnies and Emma from Macksville driving up to adopt our rare Wooly.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Microchip - Rabbits

Have you considered microchipping your rabbit?  It is a good idea because if the rabbit somehow gets lost he or she can be returned to you.  If a vet or RSPCA has a rabbit turned into them they will scan for a microchip.  If your name is on the chip they will contact you and bingo you have your rabbit back again!

Enquire at your local vet about having your rabbits microchipped for their safety.

Friday, May 25, 2012

How much does a rabbit cost?


Rabbit purchase prices and veterinary costs

This article will give you a good idea of the costs of buying a rabbit from a breeder or a pet shop in comparison to the low cost of adopting a rescued rabbit from the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary. 

Cost of adopting a rabbit

You save hundreds of dollars adopting a rabbit from us and more if adopting two rabbits.

Wanting to buy a pet rabbit? At the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary the price of a rescue rabbit is by a donation of your choice.  The price includes desexing, vaccinating, microchip, parasite protection, nail clipping, vet check, vet voucher for your first vet visit  in some locations eg Grafton NSW which is valued at $60.   Our Sydney vet also offers discounts for people who adopt a rabbit from the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary Australia.  In Victoria we give you a voucher for a free house visit from the Rabbit Vet.
The rescue rabbit's new owner receives rabbit care information, ongoing support by phone or visit to The Rabbit Sanctuary.  You can also return the rabbit or exchange him or her if for some reason you can't continue with the adoption.

Adopt a Rabbit from our available rabbits gallery.

Cost of buying a rabbit from a breeder or pet shop

If you buy a baby rabbit from a pet shop or breeder if can be more expensive.  Why?  Because you will have to pay for the following:
Rabbit vaccination $70 to $90 depending on the vet so ring around!
Rabbit desexing approx $350 to desex a female and $250 to desex a male rabbit (vet prices vary)
Initial worm, mite and mosquito protection treatment $50
Microchip $50 - $90 (vet prices vary and sometimes microchipping days are cheaper at microchipping days or events)
NB prices are averages. Different vets charge higher or lower prices. Pension card holders may have a discount depending on the vet's offers and subsidies provided by AWL and RSPCA.

One of the reasons for buying a pet rabbit from the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary is that you get so much more added value than buying from other places. OUR ADOPTION FEE IS BY DONATION MINIMUM DONATION IS $180. This is a "Pay it Forward" donation to help us do the vetwork on another rescue rabbit. In other words it allows us to rescue another rabbit.

Rescue a rabbit - save money: If you adopt a rabbit from the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary or buy a rabbit from the RSPCA you get more than just the rabbit.  Adopted rabbits come with sponsorship of their costs such as desexing, vaccinating, worming, mite treatment. There is a lot of added value when you adopt a rescue rabbit from The Rabbit Sanctuary.

Average costs of a rabbit's vet treatment:

Desexing: Male rabbit $250 Female rabbit $350 (once off cost)
Worming and Mite Treatment: $150 per year (Panacur100 & Revolution for Rabbits
Calicivirus vaccination $120 per year (we recommend 6 mthly vaccinations for rabbits)
Pet Rabbit Vet Costs Rabbit Insurance $unknown (we are currently seeking out a pet insurance for rabbits)

So you can see that adopting a rabbit saves you money and you save two rabbits, the one you adopt and the one we can rescue in its place.  Responding to a Rabbits for Sale sign will cost you more money in the long run. Responding to a Rabbits for Adoption sign will save you money and save a rabbit's life.

Consider being a rabbit rescue sponsor yourself and sponsor a rescue rabbit's costs. 

This article does not cover food costs. See our previous rabbit care article for rabbit food costs.

Rabbits are susceptible to a virus called myxomatosis. It is carried by fleas and mosquitoes. There is a vaccine but the Australian Government won't allow vets to have it to vaccinate and protect pet rabbits. If a rabbit contracts myxomatosis it should be put to sleep as it's a painful dying process and there is very sadly no cure.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rabbits as a pets

Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary: Why Adopt a Pet Rabbit? Rabbits as a pets
Read to find out the why and how about adopting a rabbit as a pet.

Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary: Rabbits for Adoption with Pet Carrier

Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary: Rabbits for Adoption with Pet Carrier
Click to take this offer.

Why Adopt a Pet Rabbit? Rabbits as a pets

Why adopt a rabbit for a pet you might ask!  

Here are some reasons why a rabbit makes a good pet.  (Please add a comment at the bottom as it helps us on Google which helps us get more homes for rabbits.)

Rabbits are a no noise pet

Many people these days live in houses with small yards, close to other neighbours.  Rabbits make a quiet pet so are less likely to disturb the people next door than other pet types.

Rabbits are a low cost pet

Rabbits are cheap to feed compared with some other pets.  A rabbit needs around a cup or two of rabbit pellets a day, their body volume in hay, around a cup of vegetables and fresh water.  Other food items can be added to that however the feed cost per day is around 50 cents if that.  Pet litter for the rabbit's litter tray will add approximately another 50 cents per day.  We recommend Barastoc Rabbit Pellets as they are formulated for rabbits and contain the vitamins and minerals they need.  If you buy a bale of top quality hay and a big bag of rabbit pellets they will last you for ages and keep fresh in plastic bins with lids.  If you adopt a rabbit from the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary you get added value because your rabbit will already have been vaccinated, wormed, mite treated and desexed.  If you adopt you save two rabbits: the one you adopt and the one you make a space for.  See our article on Cost of a rabbit for more information.

Rabbit housing 

Your pet rabbit can live in your home with you with a few accessories such as a playpen, small kennel, box or tunnel, ceramic food and water dishes (so rabbit can't tip over), rabbit litter tray with pet litter in a corner of the playpen, sheet of thick, clear plastic to protect floor under the playpen.  We recommend the HoundHouse company's "RabbitHouse" which is a canvas collapsable kennel.  It has a mesh bottom with short legs so bunny can jump into it and be off the floor. In summer the mesh bottom allows air to circulate keeping your rabbit cool.  Depending on your budget, pet enclosure fencing is available from Bunnings at a cost of 4 panels for $25 approximately. Look for it in their garden recycling bins area. You will need a minimum of two packs which will give you 8 metres of pet fencing. It comes with corner connectors so you can make a square or rectangle rabbit playpen.

Rabbit Toilet Training and Cleaning

Rabbits rarely need much encouragement to use their pet litter tray if it is a) in corner of enclosure b) always in same place c) changed daily.  Cleaning of the rabbit enclosure is easy and requires just a quick sweep up of any little 'mistakes' with a brush and tray and wipe over the plastic floor covering with sponge and warm water with a little detergent and vinegar in it. The vinegar removes any traces of smell which is nice and also keeps the rabbit aware of going in his litter box.

Rabbits as a Companion Pet

Rabbits love to be in company.  We recommend two rabbits so that one is never alone while you are away at work or school or just plain busy.  Your pet rabbit will bathe in the joy of your company.  A rabbit loves you to watch them, talk to them, offer them pieces of their food or a treat.  Once your rabbit grows to trust you he or she will hop over to you and enjoy a gentle stroking and tickles around the face and neck with your finger.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rabbits for Adoption with Pet Carrier

The first rabbit each day to be adopted this month comes with a free pet carrier!  Adopt a rabbit from the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary NSW. We can arrange delivery to your door.  This offer has been quite popular so we are extending it until the end of May. Thinking of adopting a rescue rabbit? Be quick and select from over 40 different rabbits for sale from $25 to good homes and receive a pet carrier for free to take your rabbit home in.  A pet carrier crate is very handy to take your pet with you or to the vet etc.
Adopt a rabbit

Adopt these two grey female rabbits.

Two rabbits keep each other company when you are busy or at work or school. Adopt two bunnies.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

3 new mini lop rabbits have settled in well. They love their new life here at the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary. We have 8 mini lops in at this time and lots of other small and large rabbits for adoption to good homes.
Phone us if you would like to enquire about adopting a rabbit on 0416 062 947

There are many different breeds, sizes and colours of pet rabbit available for adoption. By adopting a rabbit rather than responding to a rabbits for sale notice, you get so much more for your purchase price. Your rabbit will be vaccinated, wormed and mite treated and desexed.

Adopt a black female minilop rabbit. "Liquorice" is a tame and friendly mini lop rabbit available for adoption from the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary in NSW.

Monday, April 30, 2012

We are pleased to announce the adoption of two of our rescue rabbits, big white Eskimo and big agouti Kaiser.  They will fly out to Sydney on Thursday via Coates Pet Transport to their new owner who lives in Nowra. We will miss these beautiful big bunnies gently hopping around in the Rabbit Sanctuary but we are pleased that they are going to a loving home where they will be house bunnies with a big backyard to hop around in. We thank this new owner for choosing to adopt rather than buy a rabbit.  She and her husband have gone to a lot of trouble in choosing and transporting these marvellous bunnies.
Jersey Wooly Rabbit
We have a rare Jersey Wooly rabbit in the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary at the moment.  Read about this rare rabbit breed on the Jersey Wooly Rabbits Facebook page where you will find a well written short article about this fascinating rare rabbit breed. If you are interested in adopting the little Jersey Wooly girl we have in the Sanctuary ring 0416 062 947 or email us. See our contact us form on this blog. (update: We have been treating her for a sore eye since arrival at the Sanctuary. It has cleared up but a small mark remains on one eye which is not very noticeable.  We have also taken in another Jersey Wooly cross rabbit with a beautiful long but almost carefree coat.  It must be Jersey Wooly Rabbit Month! All enquiries most welcome if you would like to adopt a rabbit.  Remember that by adopting a rabbit you make a space available for us to rescue another rabbit.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rabbit for adoption

This is Teddy. She is a tame friendly rabbit up for adoption. Please help us get her a good home by sharing.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pet Rabbits for Adoption

Have you got room in your home and your heart for a pet rabbit?  They are easy to keep if you set it up right.

We suggest this kit for a house rabbit:

Pet enclosure playpen (buy cheaply the wire panels at Bunnings who sell them in their garden recycling aisle.
HoundHouse's RabbitHouse to sleep and hide in
Ceramic (heavy) food and water dish
Litter tray with pet litter in corner of pet enclosure.
Barastoc Rabbit Pellets, Hay, Carrot, Greens

Your rabbit from the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary will come desexed, vaccinated, wormed, litter trained, loving people and pats.

Can you provide a home for a bunny in your house and heart?

Our Rabbit Adoption website blog thingy.

Rabbits for Adoption

Two beautiful rabbits for adoption @ the RABBIT RESCUE SANCTUARY In northern NSW Australia

Eskimo Rabbit

ADOPTED!  This is big Eskimo Bunny Rabbit. He is very friendly and loves pats. He lives at the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Orange Rabbit for Adoption

Today we are offering a beautiful orange female rabbit for adoption to a good home.  Her name is "Teddy".  She is desexed, vaccinated, wormed and has mite protection.  There is a lot of added value here that you won't get if you buy a rabbit for sale from any other place.  Phone 0416 062 947 if you are interested in more information on adopting "Teddy" rabbit or any other of our rescued rabbits.

Please read our rabbit care page and feel welcome to phone us to ask about how to care for your new rabbit.  We recommend keeping your rabbit as part of your family.   Pet enclosures can be purchased quite cheaply.  Your rescue rabbit will never become a forgotten pet if you set him or her up in a pet enclosure with a rabbit kennel, food and water dishes, a litter tray with cat litter in it, some rabbit toys in an area of your home that is most used by yourself and your family.

If your rabbit is in your home then you and your children will interact with the rabbit thus encouraging him or her to interact with you.  If you work then it is best to adopt two rabbits so that they keep each other company when you are not there.  Rabbits get lonely just like we do.

The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary is located at Rushforth near South Grafton in Northern New South Wales, Australia.  Adopted rabbits can be delivered to your door by pet transport.  Photos can be sent to you via email.  Our pet rescue rabbits are transported to you by air conditioned van or by air depending on your location.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Liquorice the Mini Lop ADOPTED!!

She has found a loving home with a cool young couple in Byron Bay.  We wish you well Liquorice.

Original Adoption Notice:

We are today putting up Liquorice the Mini Lop for adoption to a loving home. She is a purebred black Mini Lop Rabbit with a gentle nature.  She is house trained and loves pats.  Click on her link to see her:  Mini Lop Rabbit

Monday 30 April Liquorice the black female rabbit is still available for adoption. Can you take her into your home and heart? Adopt a black mini lop female rabbit today!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Lots of rabbits for adoption

Rabbits available for adoption!

We have lop rabbits, up-eared rabbits, in fact we have so many types of rabbit there is a good variety for folk to pick from for their new adopted rabbit pet.  Rabbits can be delivered to new homes by pet transport.

We use Coates Pet Transport and dog movers.  By adopting a rabbit you get added value such as a vaccinated and desexed rabbit that has been wormed and is lice free as well as vet checked!

Please phone us to adopt a rabbit 0416 062 947.
Every rabbit adopted from the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary goes with a little rabbit care booklet.  The rabbit care booklet has information on all aspects of rabbit care from feeding to housing to behaviour and wellness.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rabbits up for Adoption Northern NSW Australia

Consider adopting your next rabbit pet from the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary in Northern NSW near Grafton and Coffs Harbour Australia. Large and small rabbits available. Mini Lop and Dwarf Lop purebred rabbits for adoption.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

At the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary in Northern NSW Australia we have many mini lop rabbits up for adoption to good homes. We have rabbits in all sizes and colours and ages. Sometimes we have baby rabbits if a female rabbit comes into the Rabbit Adoption Centre pregnant but mostly we can offer young rabbits and adult rabbits for adoption. Phone: 0416062947 if you would like to help our rabbit rescue efforts and adopt a rabbit or two!  We also provide assistance and advice to rabbit owners.