Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Fluffy bunnies for adoption to approved homes. Since the instagram of the English Angora Rabbit we have had lots of calls for Angora rabbits. This pair have the long hair but unlike their taller counterpart they are lops. English Angora and these Cashmere Lops take a lot of time each day with grooming.  We would only allow them to go to a home where the person was wanting to spend at least an hour a day grooming. We also have a Jersey Woolley rabbit at The Rabbit Sanctuary and the Jersey Woolley is a long haired rabbit but the fur is easier to maintain than either the Cashmere or Angora rabbit fur. To enquire please either call Kim Cooney on 0416062947 or fill out our application to adopt a rabbit form. ADOPTION FORM LINK

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Mini Lop Rabbit for Adoption
KEV is a very little mini lop boy who is the perfect house pet. We will be looking for a home that includes him in their family home. We recommend a playpen in the family area of your home equipped with a litter tray, pet tunnel, toys, ceramic food and water bowl, RabbitHouse canvas kennel or other small kennel. 

KEV loves to interact with people and would make a great soulmate for a lonely person or loved pet for a gentle child. NB always remember that small children cannot correctly pick up a rabbit. We recommend treat training your bunny to jump into a basket so that the child can pick up the basket rather than the rabbit. 

To apply to adopt this rabbit text your name and email to Kim Cooney on 0416062947. We will email you an application form. If your application is approved you will be able to adopt any of our rabbits that suit.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What sex of rabbit should you adopt as a friend for your rabbit?

Should I adopt a girl or boy bunny friend for my rabbit?

It is a great idea to get your bunny a friend. They love to snuggle with another bunny. You are right that a boy girl relationship is the best. They are often threatened by a member of their same sex.  Rabbits from The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary come to you desexed so you do not need to worry about unwanted pregnancies each month. 

Desex your rabbit before adopting a friend
If you already have a rabbit have it desexed before adopting a bunny friend. Desexing stops many unwanted behaviours such as aggression and spraying urine. If you have a male bunny and get a friend the undesexed male will constantly mount the other rabbit and make it very unhappy. It will also spray the other rabbit which will become very stained and smelly.

If you would like to chat about getting a friend for your pet rabbit call Kim Cooney on 0416062947