Saturday, November 10, 2018

The Rabbit as a Companion Pet

In Australia, pet rabbits have traditionally been kept in outdoor cages and hutches. This has resulted in rabbits being undervalued in our culture as a 'caged animal' rather than as a companion pet.

The Rabbit Sanctuary is encouraging people to think of the benefit to their family of a 'house rabbit'. On our website you will find quite a bit of information about keeping a rabbit in your home.

RHDV2 Rabbit Calicivirus Alert

Bunny owners may not be aware that there is a very deadly rabbit virus on the loose in Australia. It is known as RHDV2 Calicivirus and was released in Canberra in 2015 from a government laboratory in a security breach.

It has spread now to all states of Australia and rabbits are being reported as dying suddenly.

We encourage rabbit owners to:
Keep rabbits inside the house
Keep rabbits flea and fly free
Keep rabbits away from other rabbits either wild or domestic

There is no vaccine specifically for RHDV2 Calicivirus in Australia. Other countries such as USA, European countries and New Zealand have quickly moved to developing or importing a vaccine to protect pet rabbits and other domestic rabbits.

We suggest to pet rabbit owners that they contact their local MP and Federal MP to ask them to cut the red tape to allow the importation or manufacture of a vaccine to protect our pets.

The current vaccine, Cylap, protects against other strains of RHDV Calicivirus. We recommend vaccinating 6 monthly.

Saturday, September 29, 2018



How to enter....

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Rabbit Education & Fun Day...

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A day of bunny fun & learning:

🐰Take home a rabbit show bag of goodies

🐰Learn how to avoid rabbit gut problems 

🐰Learn how to handle a difficult rabbit

🐰Learn how to groom & remove fur matting

🐰Learn how to have a fur-free house

🐰Find out about the magic of the Snuggle Coat

🐰Learn how to have a contented bunny

🐰Learn how to avoid destructive chewing

🐰Learn Rabbit Sanctuary handling & bonding methods

🐰Hands-on learning from experts

🐰Ask experts questions 

🐰Learn how to teach your rabbit tricks & jumping

🐰See a demo on rabbit show jumping & have a go

🐰Take home our parasite prevention knowledge 

🐰Learn how to feed and care for your rabbits 

🐰Learn how to protect bunnies from viruses

🐰Learn about rabbit teeth & dental health 

& so much more...

Draw Date: This Thursday 4/10/18

Monday, August 6, 2018

Donate to help the rescue rabbits

We are very pleased to announce that we now have a new donation system that is easy to use. You can simply select your donation amount, click and pay via a range of methods including PayPal, credit card etc.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Gold Sponsor SAN & Oxbow Australia!

We are proud to announce our Gold Sponsor SAN & Oxbow Australia!

Oxbow Australia are sponsoring our upcoming rabbit education event the Spring Conference 2018.
Oxbow Australia and SAN Specialised Animal Nutrition
Oxbow Australia and SAN Specialised Animal Nutrition
Our keynote speaker is the highly qualified exotic vet Dr Deborah Monks. She will disclose the secrets of the rabbit's digestion and how not to lose your beloved pet rabbit to the dreaded and hard to treat gut stasis.

Oxbow Australia are the distributors for a premium quality range of rabbit hays, pellets and healthy treats that will help keep your rabbit fit, healthy and happy.

Click to Buy a ticket for The Rabbit Sanctuary Spring Conference!

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The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary Spring Conference: Anna Nikolic 

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