Saturday, January 26, 2013

Valentine's Day Gifts: Give perfume not a rabbit

Rabbits don't make good Valentine's Day gifts. Try giving a designer perfume or fragrance to your loved one instead.  When rabbits are given as a gift the recipient might get a surprise but won't be prepared for the rabbit and know about rabbits and how to care for them. They may tire of the rabbit quickly and then the rabbit ends up at the mercy of the welfare system.  Quite often this means the rabbit will die.  Surely you don't want a Valentine's gift to be a gift of cruelty to animals. Give perfume instead!

After Valentine's Day note...

Well we had only one enquiry for rabbits for Valentine's Day.  It was from a woman with a shop who wanted some to add to her shop window display. We said NO.  

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Henry Mini Lop off to NZ

This is a photo of Henry Mini Lop who was adopted from the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary 3 years ago. Since then he has lived as a much loved house rabbit.

He has returned to wait for his turn to sail or fly to New Zealand with his adopted parents Tino and Ami who are embarking on an exciting life changing journey.

Tino has purchased a yacht to sail to NZ. It is his first sail so he will make sure all works out then return for Henry. If Tino thinks the journey by sea would be uncomfortable for Henry or that quarantine procedures would be more difficult then they will fly Henry over via pet transport.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

ARTEMIS Silver Martin Rabbit for Adoption

ARTEMIS is a gentle Silver Martin house rabbit.  She is extemely tame and loves to lay across your lap. She will let you handle her and even lay on her back for a tummy tickle.

She is desexed and vaccinated and is available for adoption to a loving home.  Please phone us on 0416 062 947 if you are interested.

She is at the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary near Grafton in Rushforth and can be delivered by pet transport to you anywhere in NSW and VIC.

ARTEMIS is a gentle Silver Martin house rabbit.

ARTEMIS loves a tickle

ARTEMIS is happy to just lay on her back. She is very tame.

ARTEMIS will sit nicely and not run away from you.


We thank Davina for adopting CLOVER. Look at CLOVER... a gorgeous female mini lop. She is desexed. She is a house rabbit and litter trained.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Pet Rabbit Delivery

We use pet rabbit transport to deliver your newly adopted pet rabbit to your door!  Delivery of an adopted rabbit is available throughout NSW, VIC, ACT.  

CLOVER - Gentle Mini Lop Female for Adoption

This is CLOVER - gentle desexed female mini lop who is looking for a loving home.
Posted 11 January 2013
16 January 2013 ADOPTED