Saturday, August 29, 2015

Friday, August 21, 2015

Adopt a Rabbit

Adopt a rabbit and receive advice and ongoing support from The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary Australia.  We guarantee to take back or swap our rabbits if not suitable at any time during the life of the rabbit.

We believe that there is an owner for every rabbit. Each rabbit we rescue comes along with it's own individual personality and needs, sometimes training requirements. Sometimes a rescue rabbit may have health problems. These are seen to by our veterinarians that are very experienced with rabbit health.  

We believe there is an owner suitable for every rescue rabbit

There are those that will only adopt a "perfect" pet rabbit and other people who are willing to take on a "less than perfect" healthwise rabbit and care for him or her.  Sometimes rabbits we rescue come to us with fear and unsociable behaviours. Our Foster Carers and Volunteers work with those bunnies to train them and get them to gain trust in humans. Some people are willing to adopt those rabbits and continue to care for them and help them to overcome fear and train them in better ways of behaving. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

The most loveable adorable kind gentle rabbit in the Sanctuary. Born in a steel lab cage, sold to another the same in a research lab. Never saw sunlight nor felt the breeze until shae came to us. She lives every moment with joy Tiana is now adopted and much loved but her sisters are just as sweet and deserving of loving homes.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Rabbit Sanctuary on ABC NEWS!

The Rabbit Sanctuary on ABC NEWS! 

Pet Rescue Rabbits for Adoption Kingscliff

 Pet rabbits for adoption
Donation of your choice = the price
House trained, tame & friendly. Desexed, vaccinated, vet checked, parasite protected. To approved home. Apply on

About The Rabbit Sanctuary Australia

We rescue, rehome & rehabilitate abandoned pet rabbits. 

We desex, vaccinate, microchip, vet check, parasite treat. That is added value of around $350. We ask only a donation of your choice per bunny you choose. Most bunnies are abandoned quite young as they have often been impulse purchases in pet shops. We rehome to homes that meet our housing criteria. 

We only require a pet playpen in the family area of the home. They cost $65 online and have 8 panels & gate. They are 30" high. Inside the pen goes a large litter tray, two ceramic bowls, a tunnel & or sturdy cardboard box to hide in. 

1 or 2 BUNS?
We like our bunnies to go out to their new homes in pairs so they have a bunny to snuggle with when people are asleep or busy. 

We will ask you to tell us the types of bunnies you are thinking about and tell you about buns that you might like from over 100 rescued rabbits. We will send you photos. 


Sunday, August 2, 2015


Mini Lop Girl 1.95kg Tiny Girl Bunny
Mini lop girl bunny
1.95kg so very small

KISSIE KISSIE BUNNY 🐰💋🐰 has two kissing bunnies on her nose! Amazing kissing bunnies pattern on her dear little face. What a charming little girl bunny! 

She is up for adoption to an approved home. Apply on our form on the drop down menu. 

She is available for viewing at Tweed Heads and we can deliver to other locations. She has just been bonded with THEODORE who is a tiny Netherland Dwarf type boy. 

Available by donation of your choice that you can afford and want to contribute to our rabbit rescue work.