Monday, December 12, 2011

Success for 3 Orphaned Baby Bunnies

We are pleased and proud to announce that we were able to help a local school with 3 baby bunnies that the students unearthed in a sawdust pile at the school recently.  The baby bunnies were only a week old when the teacher brought them to the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary for hand rearing.  They took to the tiny bottle and teat well and were successfully reared and very healthy and playful indeed.  They loved playing in the Hound House BunnyHouse that was given to us for the rescue rabbits. 

The teacher found two lovely families to adopt the baby rabbits and we supplied them with care booklet, voucher for vet check and desexing at Riverbank Vet in South Grafton, a week's food and a little Hound House BunnyHouse for each family.  One family took the female and the other took the two males.  A happy ending for all concerned.

There are many pet companies that help us out in various ways with the rabbits that need a new home.  Please visit the page of this one to help them too in return.  Designer Pet accessories can be found on Coco and Pud's website.  Please give them a click or two for us.

Opt to Adopt

This time of the year is quite busy for rabbit rescue with many rabbits finding themselves without a loving home.  If you are considering buying a rabbit please consider adopting one first.

Baby Bunnies up for Adoption

We are hoping that our blog visitors will help us to spread the word about these baby bunnies that need a home. Click on their adoption page to see a photo.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Pet Furniture

Rabbit Accessories especially rabbit playpens make a pet rabbit's life better.
We can't stress enough how rabbits need more than a hutch or cage to live healthily, happily and comfortably. 

Rabbits need accessories and they need space to run around and to leap up high into the air. In fact we think they should have a minimum of a 16 panel pen surrounding their hutch in the day time. 24 panels is better. Rabbits need exercise to make their digestive systems work well.