Thursday, September 30, 2010

Promotional Rabbit Stand at Street Party Near The Rabbit Sanctuary

The Rabbit Sanctuary had a huge crowd at their promotional stand at the commercial street party held recently in South Grafton NSW which is near to The Rabbit Sanctuary.  We were able to talk to people about rabbit care and hand out our care sheets and contact details.  Many people commented that they had learned important information about rabbits from our volunteers on the day.

The crowds loved the bunnies.  Children patted the rabbits and learned about rabbit care.

Congratulations to Norman for helping a rabbit!

A Rabbit On The Hop!  Thank you Norman for saving him!
We would like to thank and congratulate Norman from Sydney for all the time and expense he has put in to helping a rabbit and providing a loving home.  Norman spent many weeks trying to catch a rabbit that kept visiting his backyard.  He sought advice from many sources including The Rabbit Sanctuary and Wendy Parsons from Bunny Business.  He purchased a magnificent walk in rabbit house, left out food enticements, tried lots of things but finally used an idea and method from Jim from The Rabbit Sanctuary of catching him with a light fishing net.  Norman eventually managed to catch him in his hands when the little bunny came up to him.

Finally that little bunny is safely in his new house away from roaming dogs and cats or the risk of being run over by a car.  Good on you Norman!  Keep in touch.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Wabbit Workathon at The Rabbit Sanctuary!

A big thank you to Brendan, Jackie and Solomon for the wonderful work they did at The Rabbit Sanctuary on the weekend!  Solomon was excellent on the mini tractor and Brendan on the shovel!  Jackie deserves thank you's from many many rabbits for the wonderful work she did at Casuarina saving many rabbits and educating the public about their plight in the park where people had been releasing domestic rabbits. 

Rabbit Adoptions are Soaring High at The Rabbit Sanctuary! See photos of people and the rabbit they adopted!

Rabbits and their new owners...

Emma adopted our rare Jersey Wooly rabbit having driven all the way from Macksville around 2.5 hours to pick him up.
She loves "Wooly" and she also brought her own Angora girl with her and dropped her to the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary   vet in Grafton to have her desexed while she came out to the Sanctuary.

Emma left with Wooly and a voucher for a free vet check from our vet Dr Chris Gough. Wooly's adoption fee was $25 and he came with so much added value. It pays to adopt a rabbit rather than to buy one from a breeder or a pet shop.

Little girl goes home happily with her two adopted pet rabbits.  She adopted her favourites from the big Rabbit Run - a ginger and white boy and a grey boy.  Both are desexed males that have been vaccinated, wormed and mite treated.
He father built a great run with cosy rabbit house.
They will also have a wire playpen in the house so they can be part of daily family life.
These two special tame rabbits will be loved pets in Bangalow Northern NSW.

Palomino and Mini Lop rabbits found a wonderful home

Henry now living as a house rabbit

Black and white dwarf rabbits love their new owner
White dwarf rabbit youngster with new owner

White disabled rescued by a lovely lady

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fresh Water for your Rabbits and You too!

Rabbits need the freshest of water.

Not many people realise that rabbits also need to do more than likc water drops from a 'drinker'.

Drinkers are good for certain things e.g. in a carry cage where a bowl would spill and also take up a lot of space.

When in their normal day hutch etc the rabbit should be given a heavy ceramic bowl that he or she can't tip over and that can be used to dip the paws and wash the face and best of all LAP UP THE WATER:)

Water filters are recommended for your rabbit's water.  The quality of water in Australia is rapidly decreasing. Pollution, chemicals, old piping in the reservoirs, sediments and bacteria that exist in a lot of our municipal reservoirs, are some of the alarming issues that create a need for a water filter in Australia. Bacteria in our water are one of the most common causes of sickness and the common flu.  Water Filters are far more environmentally friendly and economically viable than bottled water. One litre of drinking water from a Pure Water, water filter proves to be much more economical, costing on average 0.9 cents.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rabbit Hutches

We recommend two hutches: one for indoors and one for outdoors.  We recommend that you bring your bunnies inside each evening.

Outdoor Hutches that you move around the grass
2 Story $145 plus delivery by courier.
Size: 104cm x 95cm x 47cm

2 Story $175 plus delivery by courier.
Size: 100cm x 78cm x 120cm

Playpen $115 to join on to your outdoor hutch to give your rabbit more play area.

4 foot 2 story with run $295

Indoor Hutches
Bring your rabbit in each evening for fun with the family
Cage & Stand $217.80
Rabbit indoor cage with stand on wheels
Size: (101.5 L x 51 W x 90cm H)

1mtr indoor cage on stand $135.00 quite a cheap price

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Rabbit Sanctuary has a new Logo! Have a look!

This is our new logo!
Please add it to your websites near a text link to our blog to help
get the word out there for rabbits!