Thursday, September 30, 2010

Congratulations to Norman for helping a rabbit!

A Rabbit On The Hop!  Thank you Norman for saving him!
We would like to thank and congratulate Norman from Sydney for all the time and expense he has put in to helping a rabbit and providing a loving home.  Norman spent many weeks trying to catch a rabbit that kept visiting his backyard.  He sought advice from many sources including The Rabbit Sanctuary and Wendy Parsons from Bunny Business.  He purchased a magnificent walk in rabbit house, left out food enticements, tried lots of things but finally used an idea and method from Jim from The Rabbit Sanctuary of catching him with a light fishing net.  Norman eventually managed to catch him in his hands when the little bunny came up to him.

Finally that little bunny is safely in his new house away from roaming dogs and cats or the risk of being run over by a car.  Good on you Norman!  Keep in touch.