Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rabbit Enclosure Playpen Home

 This is a rabbit playpen made of 16 wire panels. You can buy these playpens online from Pet Homes & Accessories at Moorooka QLD and they will deliver to your door anywhere in Australia. Phone Phil on 0418783555  you can get the little blue RabbitHouse by phoning 0407 652 955
Remember to have something that throws shade so your rabbit doesn't overheat. The rabbit enclosure shown in the photo has a big tree near it that throws shade in the hot afternoon sun. The wooden stand with roof also throws shade on the little blue rabbit kennel. The RabbitHouse has a mesh floor that is raised up off the ground allowing air to circulate within the kennel. Another way to create shade is to have fabric or plywood panels on parts of the playpen that throw shade at different times of the day. In this run the wooden house provides shade underneath from the midday sun.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Miss Lilly the Flemish Giant Rabbit Adopted

Melbourne Rabbit adoption 
Tracey from Melbourne sent us this photo of Miss Lilly who travelled down by plane to her new home in Melbourne pfrom The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary. 

Miss Lilly in her Rabbit Treehouse before she flew 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Rabbit adoption

Miss "Ginger Rogers" about to board her plane to Sydney to go to live with Shelley Prasad who has adopted her! Why not consider adopting a rabbit from The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary yourself. Don't search for rabbits for sale online. Just give your heart to save a life like Shelley did. You can comment below to thank Shelley for helping us help bunnies. To adopt a rabbit phone or text Kim on 0416062947 

Litter tray prior to hopping in her rabbit airline approved travel red and blue crate.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rabbit Homes

Rabbit  cages are out and rabbit homes are in. Set up a play area with secure, weatherproof housing and activities. Francis the mini lop rabbit shows you his setup in this video as an example. He has  an 18 panel playpen on a lawn with a stand he can hop up onto, stuffed toys, a plastic kennel, a HoundHouse RabbitHouse" and a tunnel.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rex rabbit adopted

Jasper is happy with his new chocolate fox otter rex rabbit "Rex" who is headed home to his new home in Coffs Harbour. His mum Christie was very happy with her savings as this bunny like our others comes Desexed, vaccinated with free pet carrier for only $25!

Dealing with knots in your pet rabbit's fur

Even short haired rabbits can have problems with knots or matting of their fur especially around their private parts.

When faced with knots the first point of call is to try to gently tease out the knot with your fingers.  Just pull gently on little bits of the knot at a time and pull the knot apart without pulling on the skin.

When grooming or knot pulling give your rabbit a rest between sessions as they normally don't like being held for too long especially if you are knot pulling!

Think twice before using scissors on a knot or mat.  Because the matted knot might be tightly knotted near the skin it is risky to cut with scissors as you stand a good chance of cutting away a chunk of flesh.

Read about long haired Angora Rabbits and learn more about caring for their long fur.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

3 Rabbit Adoptions Friday

Willow goes to his new home

Dana & Brianna from Yamba NSW with their new bunnies from The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary