Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rabbit Enclosure Playpen Home

 This is a rabbit playpen made of 16 wire panels. You can buy these playpens online from Pet Homes & Accessories at Moorooka QLD and they will deliver to your door anywhere in Australia. Phone Phil on 0418783555  you can get the little blue RabbitHouse by phoning 0407 652 955
Remember to have something that throws shade so your rabbit doesn't overheat. The rabbit enclosure shown in the photo has a big tree near it that throws shade in the hot afternoon sun. The wooden stand with roof also throws shade on the little blue rabbit kennel. The RabbitHouse has a mesh floor that is raised up off the ground allowing air to circulate within the kennel. Another way to create shade is to have fabric or plywood panels on parts of the playpen that throw shade at different times of the day. In this run the wooden house provides shade underneath from the midday sun.