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Abandoned Pet Rabbit Surrender

Have you found a rabbit or perhaps suspect that a rabbit is being cruelly treated or neglected? Please contact your local RSPCA and if they cannot assist you can call us for possible surrender to The Rabbit Sanctuary in Northern NSW.


Private Rabbit Surrenders

We do take private surrenders but we charge a fee because we cannot use the donations intended for rescue bunnies for private rabbits.  That fee varies depending on several factors. 

On arrival at The Rabbit Sanctuary the bunny would visit our vet clinic for his or her veterinary work and be in the vet's care for a few days. Our vets are very experienced with rabbits. The vet nurses all spoil the bunnies too:) 

For rabbits returning from their veterinary care we have a special intensive care unit which looks out over the hills and trees and with views of the bunnies hopping around.  This is our incoming bunnies' first taste of the joys of the Sanctuary to come:) 

After intensive care and we are sure that nails are done, teeth are good and the bunnies are fit and healthy they are set up with a friend or two in a large grassy playpen with kennels, tunnels, and toys. The playpens are under a tree or large patio umbrella for shade during the heat of the day.  

We only allow rabbits to go to homes where they will be part of a family.  They are never allowed to go to caged homes.  A hutch is not enough for a rabbit. 

Rabbits stay with us forever if we cannot find them a wonderful home.  We are a no-kill shelter. We are a no cage rabbit shelter. We believe rabbits need space to run and play.

Rabbits are provided with 24/7 veterinary care at no cost by our vet who is always there for them.  He is our sponsor and his state of the art veterinary hospital is 10 minutes from us and his doors are always open for our bunnies at no cost. Isn't that wonderful?  Please support him by visiting his Grafton Vet site and Facebook page.  

The rabbits have lots going on to keep them happy including lovely volunteers that come just to sit with them and interact with them as well as give them treats and groom them.  They have a permanent supply of fresh top quality rabbit pellets and premium hay.  Fruits and vegetables and other tasty items are fed during the day by visitors or staff which keeps them tuned in to humans and many unsociable bunnies that come here actually become very tame and friendly due to this frequent positive human/rabbit interaction.

Bunnies remain healthy and happy at The Rabbit Sanctuary due to the great environment and because they can hop about and run freely and are not locked in cages.  Some call it Bunny Heaven:)

Please fill in our form below if you wish us to accept an abandoned neglected, stray or privately owned rabbit.