Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Transport wanted for adopted rabbit Grafton to Bangalow

Rabbits have people interested in adopting them but we need transport.

We are seeking a lift for a rabbit hitch-hiker from the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary Grafton to Bangalow or even to Lismore.  We have people who will adopt but we need someone to deliver the rabbits.

Please phone 0416 062 947 if you can assist us to drive bunnies up to their new homes.  Another way to help is to pay for the transport via pet transport company to get them there.

3 bunnies need a lift to their new homes. Can you help?

Rabbit Adoption Photos

Rabbit Adoption is increasing at the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary Northern NSW in the Clarence Valley.

Have a look at the photos on the link above.

Our latest adoptions were Tuesday and Wednesday with a lovely family taking two bunnies and Emma from Macksville driving up to adopt our rare Wooly.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Microchip - Rabbits

Have you considered microchipping your rabbit?  It is a good idea because if the rabbit somehow gets lost he or she can be returned to you.  If a vet or RSPCA has a rabbit turned into them they will scan for a microchip.  If your name is on the chip they will contact you and bingo you have your rabbit back again!

Enquire at your local vet about having your rabbits microchipped for their safety.

Friday, May 25, 2012

How much does a rabbit cost?


Rabbit purchase prices and veterinary costs

This article will give you a good idea of the costs of buying a rabbit from a breeder or a pet shop in comparison to the low cost of adopting a rescued rabbit from the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary. 

Cost of adopting a rabbit

You save hundreds of dollars adopting a rabbit from us and more if adopting two rabbits.

Wanting to buy a pet rabbit? At the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary the price of a rescue rabbit is by a donation of your choice.  The price includes desexing, vaccinating, microchip, parasite protection, nail clipping, vet check, vet voucher for your first vet visit  in some locations eg Grafton NSW which is valued at $60.   Our Sydney vet also offers discounts for people who adopt a rabbit from the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary Australia.  In Victoria we give you a voucher for a free house visit from the Rabbit Vet.
The rescue rabbit's new owner receives rabbit care information, ongoing support by phone or visit to The Rabbit Sanctuary.  You can also return the rabbit or exchange him or her if for some reason you can't continue with the adoption.

Adopt a Rabbit from our available rabbits gallery.

Cost of buying a rabbit from a breeder or pet shop

If you buy a baby rabbit from a pet shop or breeder if can be more expensive.  Why?  Because you will have to pay for the following:
Rabbit vaccination $70 to $90 depending on the vet so ring around!
Rabbit desexing approx $350 to desex a female and $250 to desex a male rabbit (vet prices vary)
Initial worm, mite and mosquito protection treatment $50
Microchip $50 - $90 (vet prices vary and sometimes microchipping days are cheaper at microchipping days or events)
NB prices are averages. Different vets charge higher or lower prices. Pension card holders may have a discount depending on the vet's offers and subsidies provided by AWL and RSPCA.

One of the reasons for buying a pet rabbit from the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary is that you get so much more added value than buying from other places. OUR ADOPTION FEE IS BY DONATION MINIMUM DONATION IS $180. This is a "Pay it Forward" donation to help us do the vetwork on another rescue rabbit. In other words it allows us to rescue another rabbit.

Rescue a rabbit - save money: If you adopt a rabbit from the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary or buy a rabbit from the RSPCA you get more than just the rabbit.  Adopted rabbits come with sponsorship of their costs such as desexing, vaccinating, worming, mite treatment. There is a lot of added value when you adopt a rescue rabbit from The Rabbit Sanctuary.

Average costs of a rabbit's vet treatment:

Desexing: Male rabbit $250 Female rabbit $350 (once off cost)
Worming and Mite Treatment: $150 per year (Panacur100 & Revolution for Rabbits
Calicivirus vaccination $120 per year (we recommend 6 mthly vaccinations for rabbits)
Pet Rabbit Vet Costs Rabbit Insurance $unknown (we are currently seeking out a pet insurance for rabbits)

So you can see that adopting a rabbit saves you money and you save two rabbits, the one you adopt and the one we can rescue in its place.  Responding to a Rabbits for Sale sign will cost you more money in the long run. Responding to a Rabbits for Adoption sign will save you money and save a rabbit's life.

Consider being a rabbit rescue sponsor yourself and sponsor a rescue rabbit's costs. 

This article does not cover food costs. See our previous rabbit care article for rabbit food costs.

Rabbits are susceptible to a virus called myxomatosis. It is carried by fleas and mosquitoes. There is a vaccine but the Australian Government won't allow vets to have it to vaccinate and protect pet rabbits. If a rabbit contracts myxomatosis it should be put to sleep as it's a painful dying process and there is very sadly no cure.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rabbits as a pets

Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary: Why Adopt a Pet Rabbit? Rabbits as a pets
Read to find out the why and how about adopting a rabbit as a pet.

Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary: Rabbits for Adoption with Pet Carrier

Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary: Rabbits for Adoption with Pet Carrier
Click to take this offer.

Why Adopt a Pet Rabbit? Rabbits as a pets

Why adopt a rabbit for a pet you might ask!  

Here are some reasons why a rabbit makes a good pet.  (Please add a comment at the bottom as it helps us on Google which helps us get more homes for rabbits.)

Rabbits are a no noise pet

Many people these days live in houses with small yards, close to other neighbours.  Rabbits make a quiet pet so are less likely to disturb the people next door than other pet types.

Rabbits are a low cost pet

Rabbits are cheap to feed compared with some other pets.  A rabbit needs around a cup or two of rabbit pellets a day, their body volume in hay, around a cup of vegetables and fresh water.  Other food items can be added to that however the feed cost per day is around 50 cents if that.  Pet litter for the rabbit's litter tray will add approximately another 50 cents per day.  We recommend Barastoc Rabbit Pellets as they are formulated for rabbits and contain the vitamins and minerals they need.  If you buy a bale of top quality hay and a big bag of rabbit pellets they will last you for ages and keep fresh in plastic bins with lids.  If you adopt a rabbit from the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary you get added value because your rabbit will already have been vaccinated, wormed, mite treated and desexed.  If you adopt you save two rabbits: the one you adopt and the one you make a space for.  See our article on Cost of a rabbit for more information.

Rabbit housing 

Your pet rabbit can live in your home with you with a few accessories such as a playpen, small kennel, box or tunnel, ceramic food and water dishes (so rabbit can't tip over), rabbit litter tray with pet litter in a corner of the playpen, sheet of thick, clear plastic to protect floor under the playpen.  We recommend the HoundHouse company's "RabbitHouse" which is a canvas collapsable kennel.  It has a mesh bottom with short legs so bunny can jump into it and be off the floor. In summer the mesh bottom allows air to circulate keeping your rabbit cool.  Depending on your budget, pet enclosure fencing is available from Bunnings at a cost of 4 panels for $25 approximately. Look for it in their garden recycling bins area. You will need a minimum of two packs which will give you 8 metres of pet fencing. It comes with corner connectors so you can make a square or rectangle rabbit playpen.

Rabbit Toilet Training and Cleaning

Rabbits rarely need much encouragement to use their pet litter tray if it is a) in corner of enclosure b) always in same place c) changed daily.  Cleaning of the rabbit enclosure is easy and requires just a quick sweep up of any little 'mistakes' with a brush and tray and wipe over the plastic floor covering with sponge and warm water with a little detergent and vinegar in it. The vinegar removes any traces of smell which is nice and also keeps the rabbit aware of going in his litter box.

Rabbits as a Companion Pet

Rabbits love to be in company.  We recommend two rabbits so that one is never alone while you are away at work or school or just plain busy.  Your pet rabbit will bathe in the joy of your company.  A rabbit loves you to watch them, talk to them, offer them pieces of their food or a treat.  Once your rabbit grows to trust you he or she will hop over to you and enjoy a gentle stroking and tickles around the face and neck with your finger.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rabbits for Adoption with Pet Carrier

The first rabbit each day to be adopted this month comes with a free pet carrier!  Adopt a rabbit from the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary NSW. We can arrange delivery to your door.  This offer has been quite popular so we are extending it until the end of May. Thinking of adopting a rescue rabbit? Be quick and select from over 40 different rabbits for sale from $25 to good homes and receive a pet carrier for free to take your rabbit home in.  A pet carrier crate is very handy to take your pet with you or to the vet etc.
Adopt a rabbit

Adopt these two grey female rabbits.

Two rabbits keep each other company when you are busy or at work or school. Adopt two bunnies.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

3 new mini lop rabbits have settled in well. They love their new life here at the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary. We have 8 mini lops in at this time and lots of other small and large rabbits for adoption to good homes.
Phone us if you would like to enquire about adopting a rabbit on 0416 062 947

There are many different breeds, sizes and colours of pet rabbit available for adoption. By adopting a rabbit rather than responding to a rabbits for sale notice, you get so much more for your purchase price. Your rabbit will be vaccinated, wormed and mite treated and desexed.

Adopt a black female minilop rabbit. "Liquorice" is a tame and friendly mini lop rabbit available for adoption from the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary in NSW.