Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mozzie proof Rabbit Enclosures

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Mosquito Proof Rabbit Housing

Myxomatosis kills pet rabbits. It is carried by Mosquitos. 

At The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary we vaccinate for Calicivirus. 

There is no vaccine for myxomatosis. 

You can protect your rabbit from Myxomatosis by having a mozzie proof enclosure.

Mozzie proof your pet rabbits by keeping them in playpen in the home.

This gorgeous little rabbit house hutch kennel with verandah is gorgeous in any home.

Mozzie proof by keeping rabbits in an outdoor enclosure with fly screen over the wire.
A fly screened verandah can be good too

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hoppy Easter to All Bunny People

The Rabbit Sanctuary would like to wish all our bunny parents and supporters a Hoppy Easter!

Many tiny baby rabbits will today be presented to children as gifts for Easter.

Often these 'gifts' are abandoned to pounds, shelters or dumped when the tiny cute bunny becomes a hormonal rabbit.

Most abandoned rabbits that come into The Rabbit Sanctuary are less than one year old.

To help us rehome the rabbits abandoned after Easter please spread the word about rabbit adoption.

Friday, April 18, 2014



DOB: 1/8/2009

Black lop

Desexed female

Very cuddly - a 'lap rabbit'

Loves her food 

House and garden rabbit

Uses litter tray

Had a loved bunny friend that died 

Favourite foods: banana, apple, corn, broccoli, basil, bamboo,

Lucern hay, rabbit pellets


Bunny parents moving overseas for work. Casey & are leaving Qld to live and work in France in wineries. They had her from a baby and wanted the best for her so brought her to The The Rabbit Sanctuary for Rehoming as a house and garden rabbit. At their place she lived in their apartment with access to a small garden.