Saturday, October 22, 2016


My name is Zoe.  I am a small dwarf rabbit. I am in Foster Care now in Port Macquarie.

I was once a much loved pet house rabbit. For some reason known only to hoomans that failed. I am a very feminine girly type of bunny that loves soft fabrics especially satin and lace.

I love to sit on a tiny kiddles chair for hours especially if my favourite pink pillow is on it.

I'm kinda cute because I am so very small and love to sit on your lap while being stroked or brushed.

I was born 31/8/13. 

My bunny boy friend is Hop Baxter. We were at The Rabbit Sanctuary in Grafton but now we are in Foster Care in Port Macquarie but can travel to a new home via our Bunny Runner volunteers or by plane to most airports. 
My microchip is 9001640013088
Vacc. 9/2/17. My sponsor is Anita Martin.

Conditions for rabbit adoption:
I am a pet house rabbit and will only be allowed to be adopted by someone who will keep me and my friend inside their home nice and safe from predators and from biting insects and flies that carry the deadly rabbit diseases.

Rabbit Adoption Accessories Needed
You can buy a playpen for $65 from Phil from Pet Homes on 0418 783 555. It will be delivered next business day.

Hound House Rabbit House Kennel

You will also need:
A rabbit litter tray big enough for two rabbits

A hay bag and hook to hang it off playpen just at end of litter tray. Coles have a hessian shopping bag with rope handles for $2.30.
Cut a rectangle hole in bottom front so the bunnies can get the hay.

Ceramic food and water bowls

A plastic ball toy with another ball and bell inside

A hidey house which can be a cardboard box or seagrass mat house that you make by joining them up with cable ties. Seagrass mats are $1 at Bunnings.

Rabbit Food Needed
Premium rabbit pellets (no pet shop mixes please)
Premium top grade lucerne hay and oaten hay mixed. A nice botanical hay can be added for extra pleasure and goodness.
For my daily treats please hand feed my veges bit by bit. No more than a half carrot and one kale leaf per day. My diet should be 80% hay.


Black and White Mini Lop Boy Rabbit for Adoption
Black & White Mini Lop Boy Bunny Rabbit for Adoption
I was born 1/1/16. My bunny girl friend is Zoe.
I am in a special playpen in the reception area at The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary and love to meet and greet all the visitors.

I'm always at the fence ready to sit up for a treat. Yes! I'm a trick bunny that can sit up for any type of tasty treat!

I am a spotless house rabbit and use my litter tray perfectly and so does my little bunny friend Zoe. We are both pretty awesome house pet rabbits. Only problem is we don't have a house anymore. For reasons known only to hoomans we are orphans.

Even though we get the best of everything at The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary we are seeking a home and hoomans that will never abandon us or put us in a cage where we can't run and play.

Please share our posts (Zoe has a separate post) so that everyone in the whole of Australia sees us and how good we are and maybe they want a bunny or two and maybe they will adopt us and love us forever.

We are at The Rabbit Sanctuary in Port Macquarie but can travel to a new home. 
My microchip is 90016001308894
Vaccinated 14/2/17. My sponsor is Leesa Baxter. 


Rabbits have an amazing view of the world. 

So many people wonder why their rabbit runs away from them when they go to touch him or her. 

The reason is often that they try to touch the rabbit on the front of the face. This is their 'blind spot'. 

A quick touch on the nose or between the eyes really frightens a rabbit because he or she couldn't see the hand coming.  Rabbit owners often ask how to pick up a rabbit. They wonder how to stop their rabbit running away from them. 

Picking up a Rabbit

  1. Stroke your rabbit to calm him or her
  2. Slide one hand under the rabbit's breast & one hand under the butt
  3. Lift 
The secret is not to squeeze the rabbit. If you do so he/she will kick and scratch.
Most undesirable rabbit behaviour is caused by incorrect human handling.

Saturday, October 8, 2016


Hand feed all the bunnies, wander around the lawn pens and sit in the Big Rabbit Runs with the bunnies. Free to enter. Bring lots of kale to get the bunnies talking to you and the kids!
Meet Remo our Livestock Guardian Dog who Watches out for the Rabbits safety

Enjoy bunnies in a basket

Sit and watch free ranging rabbits

Cuddle a Bunny

People enjoying bunnies together

Groom a Bunny

Get to know our Rescue Rabbits
Send us a text that you are coming.

You might meet someone extra special

Family fun

Children love bunnies in a basket

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Photo of Apollo the house trained rabbit
Adopt a Rabbit Adopt Apollo
He is such a good bunny. He is blind in one eye but you would never know. He is litter tray trained and gets on well with other bunnies and people. Apollo is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, parasite treated and vet checked. 

To apply please fill in our online adoption application form on this site. 

We recommend an indoor playpen with litter tray so that our bunnies are safe from insects carrying rabbit diseases released by the government and so they are inside as part of a family and not a forgotten caged pet in a yard. They are house trained to use a litter tray.