Saturday, October 22, 2016


Rabbits have an amazing view of the world. 

So many people wonder why their rabbit runs away from them when they go to touch him or her. 

The reason is often that they try to touch the rabbit on the front of the face. This is their 'blind spot'. 

A quick touch on the nose or between the eyes really frightens a rabbit because he or she couldn't see the hand coming.  Rabbit owners often ask how to pick up a rabbit. They wonder how to stop their rabbit running away from them. 

Picking up a Rabbit

  1. Stroke your rabbit to calm him or her
  2. Slide one hand under the rabbit's breast & one hand under the butt
  3. Lift 
The secret is not to squeeze the rabbit. If you do so he/she will kick and scratch.
Most undesirable rabbit behaviour is caused by incorrect human handling.