Saturday, May 16, 2020

A Natural Rabbit Diet

We hear so often from pet rabbit owners that their bunny has gut stasis and a big vet bill. Sadly some lose their bunny to this condition which is sad because it can be avoided with a natural diet. 

Kim Cooney, founder and bunny slave at The Rabbit Sanctuary has worked with thousands of rabbits over the years and has pretty much tried most ways of feeding rabbits. She recommends the following rabbit diet to keep gut stasis away:

Oaten Hay
Timothy Hay or Oxbow Blend
Fresh lawn grass (cut with scissors)
1 Oxbow Treat per day
Oxbow Pellets

NB. The diet for a nursing mother rabbit and for baby rabbits or a sick or thin rabbit would include Lucerne Hay and Oxbow Baby Rabbit Pellets. 

Read Kim’s article on why a natural rabbit diet is best. 

Friday, May 15, 2020

Rabbits for Adoption in Lismore

Lismore Rabbits for Adoption

The Rabbit Sanctuary rescues, rehabilitates and rehomed rabbits in Lismore, NSW. We take in abandoned, stray and injured rabbits all along the north coast of NSW. 

When a rabbit is rescued in the Lismore area we firstly take him or her to the vet for a health check. Our vet attends to any injuries or illnesses. Once the bunny is stable our vet vaccinated, microchips, desexes and parasite treats the bunny. 

When the rescue rabbit is eating well and in good condition he or she is available for adoption. 

We only rehome our rescue bunnies to indoor homes where they can be part of a family. 

Tweed Heads Rabbit Rescue

The Rabbit Sanctuary rescues abandoned pet rabbits in Tweed Heads NSW. We collect from the Tweed Shire Council Pound and from local Tweed vets who have strays handed in. This provides the pound and the vets with a humane option for the poor abandoned bunnies.

Currently in May 2020 we only have two available bunnies for adoption. Enya and Bono. They are a gorgeous pair of bunnies. You will see them advertised on our site at Rabbits for Adoption Tweed Heads