Saturday, May 19, 2012

Why Adopt a Pet Rabbit? Rabbits as a pets

Why adopt a rabbit for a pet you might ask!  

Here are some reasons why a rabbit makes a good pet.  (Please add a comment at the bottom as it helps us on Google which helps us get more homes for rabbits.)

Rabbits are a no noise pet

Many people these days live in houses with small yards, close to other neighbours.  Rabbits make a quiet pet so are less likely to disturb the people next door than other pet types.

Rabbits are a low cost pet

Rabbits are cheap to feed compared with some other pets.  A rabbit needs around a cup or two of rabbit pellets a day, their body volume in hay, around a cup of vegetables and fresh water.  Other food items can be added to that however the feed cost per day is around 50 cents if that.  Pet litter for the rabbit's litter tray will add approximately another 50 cents per day.  We recommend Barastoc Rabbit Pellets as they are formulated for rabbits and contain the vitamins and minerals they need.  If you buy a bale of top quality hay and a big bag of rabbit pellets they will last you for ages and keep fresh in plastic bins with lids.  If you adopt a rabbit from the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary you get added value because your rabbit will already have been vaccinated, wormed, mite treated and desexed.  If you adopt you save two rabbits: the one you adopt and the one you make a space for.  See our article on Cost of a rabbit for more information.

Rabbit housing 

Your pet rabbit can live in your home with you with a few accessories such as a playpen, small kennel, box or tunnel, ceramic food and water dishes (so rabbit can't tip over), rabbit litter tray with pet litter in a corner of the playpen, sheet of thick, clear plastic to protect floor under the playpen.  We recommend the HoundHouse company's "RabbitHouse" which is a canvas collapsable kennel.  It has a mesh bottom with short legs so bunny can jump into it and be off the floor. In summer the mesh bottom allows air to circulate keeping your rabbit cool.  Depending on your budget, pet enclosure fencing is available from Bunnings at a cost of 4 panels for $25 approximately. Look for it in their garden recycling bins area. You will need a minimum of two packs which will give you 8 metres of pet fencing. It comes with corner connectors so you can make a square or rectangle rabbit playpen.

Rabbit Toilet Training and Cleaning

Rabbits rarely need much encouragement to use their pet litter tray if it is a) in corner of enclosure b) always in same place c) changed daily.  Cleaning of the rabbit enclosure is easy and requires just a quick sweep up of any little 'mistakes' with a brush and tray and wipe over the plastic floor covering with sponge and warm water with a little detergent and vinegar in it. The vinegar removes any traces of smell which is nice and also keeps the rabbit aware of going in his litter box.

Rabbits as a Companion Pet

Rabbits love to be in company.  We recommend two rabbits so that one is never alone while you are away at work or school or just plain busy.  Your pet rabbit will bathe in the joy of your company.  A rabbit loves you to watch them, talk to them, offer them pieces of their food or a treat.  Once your rabbit grows to trust you he or she will hop over to you and enjoy a gentle stroking and tickles around the face and neck with your finger.