Monday, March 12, 2018

THE RABBIT HAY BAG - Your most important rabbit accessory

Rabbit Hay Bag

Rabbit Hay Bags

The Rabbit Hay Bag is the most important rabbit accessory because hay is the most important rabbit food! 

The rabbit lives mainly on hay.  Top quality, fresh hay is most important. Hay should be fed in unlimited quantities from a Hay-Bag. 

How to make your own rabbit hay bag...

Low on budget and asking "How can I make a Rabbit Hay Bag from things at home?

A Rabbit Hay Bag can be easily made from a fabric shopping bag.  Just cut a hole in the lower front of the bag for bunnies to access the hay.  

How to use a rabbit hay bag...

Hang the "Rabbit Hay Bag" from an "S" shaped hook which you can buy from Bunnings in the garden department. 

Buy a rabbit hay bag...

Wondering where you can buy a rabbit hay bag?  If you would like a pretty cool rabbit hay bag head on over to our fund raising online store which is a kind of bunny etsy where the rabbit products are hand made by volunteers.  Rabbit Hay-Bags are on sale there and are hand made and strong. Each rabbit hay bag sale goes to rabbit rescue vet bills.