Thursday, July 28, 2016



The rabbit should have unlimited access to premium hay in a hay bag or hay rack.

Hay is required by all rabbits. It provides fibre or roughage that they need to digest their food. They should never be without hay. Hanging the hay in a bag or rack ensures that it stays clean and also the 'plucking' of the hay from the holder is similar to how they rabbit picks long grass in the natural environment.

Nutritional Information about high quality premium lucerne hay

Like all Hays and other foods it should be fed according to a rabbit's individual dietary requirements. Buy premium leafy green Lucerne hay. It contains approximately 20% protein and is high in fibre. Lucerne hay contains essential vitamins and minerals for rabbit nutrition.

We use lucerne for rabbits that are underweight, pregnant, feeding babies, baby rabbit to one year, to tempt if appetite is jaded. Rescue rabbits often need building up so Lucerne can be a good first Hay for a rescue rabbit. 

If urine is cloudy or leaves a chalky mark on the floor then add in or change over gradually to a hay that contains less calcium eg Oat, barley, Rhodes grass, Timothy, rye etc. Hays are seasonal so it might mean choosing hays that are in season in your area.