Friday, August 21, 2015

Adopt a Rabbit

Adopt a rabbit and receive advice and ongoing support from The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary Australia.  We guarantee to take back or swap our rabbits if not suitable at any time during the life of the rabbit.

We believe that there is an owner for every rabbit. Each rabbit we rescue comes along with it's own individual personality and needs, sometimes training requirements. Sometimes a rescue rabbit may have health problems. These are seen to by our veterinarians that are very experienced with rabbit health.  

We believe there is an owner suitable for every rescue rabbit

There are those that will only adopt a "perfect" pet rabbit and other people who are willing to take on a "less than perfect" healthwise rabbit and care for him or her.  Sometimes rabbits we rescue come to us with fear and unsociable behaviours. Our Foster Carers and Volunteers work with those bunnies to train them and get them to gain trust in humans. Some people are willing to adopt those rabbits and continue to care for them and help them to overcome fear and train them in better ways of behaving.