Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rabbits for Adoption - December 2012

At The Rabbit Sanctuary we have over 50 rabbits available for adoption to good homes.  A good home is one where the rabbit is included as part of the family not locked away in a tiny cage prison.  A good home is one that considers the new rabbit as a long term family member not just an object to be bought and discarded.  We don't have rabbits for sale.  We have rabbits for adoption.  All rabbits are desexed and vaccinated.  Adoption fees start from $25 to $150.  All rabbits are healthy and vet checked. Their toenails are trimmed and they have good teeth.  We do have disabled rabbits and some people like to adopt them to give them a loving family home too.  Read our article "What is rabbit adoption?"

Here are some rabbits available for adoption in December 2012:


Misty is a very nice bunny. Would you like to adopt her?

Tabitha and Panda