Friday, August 3, 2012

Rabbit Communication | Rabbit Behaviour | Rabbit Talk (Snatter)

Rabbit Behaviour 

How rabbits communicate...

Rabbits can talk! Well, they talk in their own way, not how we humans talk!  Humans can however learn rabbit talk!

Rabbits talk mainly by 'signalling'.  Signalling involves body movement mainly however rabbits do make noises mainly when they are in pain. 

Some rabbit talk via signalling which we will refer to as 'snatter' (rabbit 'chatter')
* Running up to you = looking for favourite food (reward them with a healthy titbit)
* Running up and down a cage = wanting food or water or just plain wanting out of the cage
* Sitting up on haunches with alert look = feeling some danger in the air 
* Sitting up on haunches cleaning face = very contented and happy
* Head down facing another rabbit = being submissive 
* Jumping and twisting in air called a 'Binky' = energetic and happy
* Rolling and laying on side = relaxed and contented with no fear
* Sitting with feet under body and underneath something = hiding in a tunnel underground 
* Lunging at your hand = territorial behaviour often caused by being locked up in a cage

There are many more ways that rabbits 'snatter' and we advise you to observe and note down all the ways your rabbit tries to communicate with you.