Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Transport needed for 4 rabbits from Sydney to Grafton! Please spread the word...

We have a request for transport for rabbits from Sydney to The Rabbit Sanctuary in Northern NSW near Grafton.  There are 4 young female mini lops: one fawn, two are black and white and one is harlequin.  They have been in bad circumstances having been left by a young girl with her aged grandmother who kept them in a box in the laundry in a house of barking dogs with no attention or affection.  The aged care worker finally managed to rescue them with the grandmother's consent.  The carer however has been told by her landlord she cannot keep them there.

Please put the word out that we need transport from anyone who is travelling from Sydney or near Sydney to near Grafton / Coffs Harbour area in the near future that would be willing to bring them up.  Money would be provided for petrol.

If you can help with transport please contact:  Tina on 0432 322 763 who is located in Western Sydney in Blacktown but would drive them to other suburbs..  Her email is phoenix03@tpg.com.au