Saturday, June 21, 2014


A quick easy way to bond bunnies:
1. Table handling for owner and new bunny to bond
You need a solid table with heavy cloth or blanket. People to sit at table not stand. That makes the rabbits more comfortable so less fear.
2. Table handling of both bunnies beginning with butt to butt then side by side contact then less controlled contact 
3. Bunnies relaxed and sitting/laying together comfortably on table
4. Bunnies together on floor 
5. Bunnies together in original Bunny's enclosure:)
Extra Rabbit Bonding Tips:
Table Handling is done with people sitting at a table with a heavy cloth or blanket on it. 
If rabbits are fighting this process will need to be repeated until successful.
Rabbits should be controlled so that neither rabbit is bitten.
Rabbits should be desexed. Hormones may cause fighting which can cause injuries.A fight can cause bad injuries.