Friday, November 25, 2011

Kaiser the Gentle Giant Rabbit for Adoption NSW Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary

Kaiser is a gentle giant rabbit. He is friendly and will come to you for pats. He is up for adoption and can go to a loving family that has plenty of room for him to hop. He can't be locked in a cage. He is too big and needs a lot of room to hope around in and be able to stand up on his back legs. When he does that he is quite tall.  In the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary we often think he is a small kangaroo when he is sitting up! That's because we are located in the Australian bush.  He is currently living in a 30 20 meter grassed enclosure.  He doesn't need that much space but he does need a run rather than a cage.  Please phone Kim on 0416062947 or post your expression of interest as a comment on this page if you are interested in adopting Kaiser Rabbit.  Pet transport can be arranged to take him to you. 
Kaiser the Giant Bunny