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Adopt a Rabbit PLEASE!

Rabbits are in great need of help in Australia especially now with moves afoot to grow the rabbit meat industry.  In Queensland they are illegal and this causes many welfare issues for rabbits.  Rabbits are frequently bought on impulse by people who think they can shove them in a small cage, alone, at the bottom of the garden: a sad life for a frightened little rabbit.

The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary was set up to provide rabbits with a safe, happy place to live when they find themselves in hard or life threatening circumstances as well as to help people who care about them.

It has been going since 2008 and although people find the blog on google, a link from your site would help others to find it that care about animals.  Would you help us by adding a link from your own site or emailing it to friends, put it on facebook etc.  Here is a link to the blog. http://www.rabbitsanctuary.com.au 

One of the aims of The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary is to raise the cultural value of the rabbit as a wonderful pet. We aim at raising the cultural value of a pet rabbit to that of a dog.

The belief is that this will help to stop the poor treatment of pet rabbits as a cheap disposable pet with no value.  We hope it will also stop the growth of the rabbit meat industry. For example, the dog in Australia is unlikely to become a meat product due to its high cultural status as a family pet.  By raising the status of rabbits as a valued companion animal the hope is that they will be less likely to be cruelly treated and dumped etc as they often are.  Care information is always being developed to add to the blog to make it a valuable educational resource for those lucky enough to be in contact with a rabbit.

Please support our campaign in Australia to have the vaccine for the deadly myxomatosis virus released to vets for use on pet rabbits.  Currently the Government won't allow because they think it will destroy their wild rabbit culling program.  Click to see more about MYXOMATOSIS

If you are thinking about adopting a rabbit please contact Kim for advice on 0416 062 947 and she  will be pleased to give you advice and support.