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Friday, May 25, 2012

How much does a rabbit cost?


Rabbit purchase prices and veterinary costs

This article will give you a good idea of the costs of buying a rabbit from a breeder or a pet shop in comparison to the low cost of adopting a rescued rabbit from the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary. 

Cost of adopting a rabbit

To buy a pet rabbit can cost between $25 and $150 at the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary.  The price of a rescue rabbit depends on how much it has cost us to rescue him or her.  The price includes desexing, vaccinating, microchip, parasite protection, nail clipping, vet check, vet voucher for your first vet visit valued at $57 off the cost.  The rescue rabbit's new owner receives a rabbit care booklet, ongoing support by phone or visit to the Rabbit Sanctuary.  You can also return the rabbit or exchange him or her if for some reason you can't continue with the adoption.

Cost of buying a rabbit from a breeder or pet shop

If you buy a baby rabbit from a pet shop or breeder if can be more expensive.  Why?  Because you will have to pay for the following:
Rabbit vaccination $25
Rabbit desexing $190 to desex a female and $150 to desex a male rabbit
Initial worm, mite and mosquito protection treatment $25
Microchip $20
NB prices are averages. Different vets charge higher or lower prices. Pension card holders may have a discount depending on the vet's offers and subsidies provided by AWL and RSPCA.

One of the reasons for buying a pet rabbit from the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary is that you get so much more added value than buying from other places.

Rescue a rabbit - save money: If you buy a rabbit from the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary or from the RSPCA you get more than just the rabbit.  Adopted rabbits come with sponsorship of their costs such as desexing, vaccinating, worming, mite treatment. There is a lot of added value when you adopt a rescue rabbit from The Rabbit Sanctuary.

Average costs of a rabbit's vet treatment:

Desexing: Male rabbit $160 Female rabbit $190 (once off cost)
Worming and Mite Treatment: $35 per year
Calicivirus vaccination $25 per year
Pet Rabbit Vet Costs Rabbit Insurance $unknown (we are currently seeking out a pet insurance for rabbits)

So you can see that adopting a rabbit saves you money and you save two rabbits, the one you adopt and the one we can rescue in its place.  Responding to a Rabbits for Sale sign will cost you more money in the long run.

Consider being a rabbit rescue sponsor yourself and sponsor a rabbit's costs. 

This article does not cover food costs. See our previous rabbit care article for rabbit food costs.


  1. This is a great article on the cost of owning a rabbit. It will help people understand that a rabbit needs to be desexed, vaccinated and wormed. I hope you get onto some rabbit insurance as I would insure my pet rabbit if I knew where to locate a pet insurance that insures rabbits!

  2. Excellent article on costs of owning a rabbit.

  3. I have noticed that rabbit desexing prices vary greatly between vets in NSW.

  4. To adopt a rabbit from the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary costs in most cases $25. What great value!

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  6. I got told rabbits weren't prone to intestinal worms and as such worming was pointless. What flea/mite protection do you reccommend?

    1. If in doubt about worms have your vet check the poo under his microscope during a consult. If there is evidence of worms then worm. If not evidence then don't worm. The vet won't charge extra for this.

      For flea/mite we use Revolution for small dogs and puppies.

  7. Do de-sexing cost include anesthetic?

    1. Yes. The cost includes everything. Pain medication to be given by mouth afterwards for a week is extra but worth it. A female rabbit having a desex is actually having a hysterectomy.

  8. How much does a rabbit cost? We would like visitors to comment here and estimate how much they have spent so far on their rabbit including initial cost, food, accessories etc.

    1. The biggest cost would be vet bills; my beloved bun wouldn't eat and had GI statis, so had to take to emergency vet at Uni of Syd which costed $180 plus $210 for meds and then was referred to bunny specialist for another $150 consult.

  9. I loved reading this piece! Well written! :)

    Student pods

    1. Thank you Jason for your positive comment on our rabbit article.


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