Saturday, October 16, 2010

Noddy the mini lop arrives to adopt a friend of his choice!

We welcomed Noddy to The Rabbit Sanctuary on Friday as we picked him up from his flight from Sydney.  Thank you to Michelle from Coates Pet Transport for arranging his travel.

Noddy is visiting to choose a new friend to take back to his apartment in Hurstville in Sydney.  Noddy's parents, Neha and Raj, were concerned that he was alone in the apartment during the day when they are working so they decided that they would adopt another rabbit friend for him.  Noddy is a desexed male rabbit and since he arrived has soaked up the attention shown to him by his fellow rabbits in the sanctuary.  See a photo of him as he disembarked from the plane in Grafton Airport which is just 20 minutes from The Rabbit Sanctuary.

Noddy is looking forward to being in the Australian Bush for a while, picking his own grass and meeting new friends.

During his stay at the Sanctuary, Noddy is booked in for nail clipping, a sudsy warm bath and a vet checkup.

 Not like the screaching parrot in the background!  The Rabbit Sanctuary is filled with parrots of all types.

Noddy has a Bath!

Noddy is towel dried
He is wash in full sun to avoid a chill and towel dried in the sun.  Then he hops around on a sunny grassy spot in a hutch cage to further dry out.  Later he is finished off with a gentle relaxing blow dry.