Friday, October 31, 2014

Rabbits Newcastle

Rabbits for Adoption Newcastle

We rescue rabbits in Newcastle! 

We have pet rabbits available for adoption in Newcastle. You can choose from over 100 rescue rabbits from The Rabbit Sanctuary and we can deliver to you in Newcastle or anywhere between Grafton and Newcastle or Sydney and Newcastle. We also service other cities and towns with delivery. We use our volunteer rabbit transport for road and our rabbit flight courier to fly rabbits to their new homes.

Looking to buy a rabbit? Consider adoption.

Adopt a Rabbit in Newcastle from our available rabbits gallery.

Rabbit Adoption Newcastle

Price:  Donation of your choice
What you get...
A rabbit that needs a loving home
The rabbit will come to you Desexed, Vaccinated, Microchipped, Parasite Treated, Vet Checked and Healthy, Tame and Friendly.
We recommend a boy and girl rabbit so that when you are busy your pet has a friend. They are both desexed so no breeding.

Ph/Text Kim on 0416062947 to apply.

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Adopt a Rabbit in Newcastle

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