Sunday, November 30, 2014

Rabbit Health - Rabbit Droppings

Rabbit Droppings

Your rabbit's droppings or poop is a good indicator when it comes to knowing if your bunny is healthy and feeling well.

The rabbit poop should be large and not too dry nor too moist.

If the poop is tiny and dry it means there might be a blockage or that your rabbit is not getting enough fibre e.g. hay.

If your rabbit's poos are kind of strung together with hairs it probably means that your bunny is ingesting hair. This means that you should clean all hair out of his or her housing areas and brush to remove the excess fur.

If the rabbit droppings are too sloppy then cut back on vegetables and ensure a good diet of high quality rabbit pellets and premium grade hay.

Rabbit Cecal Pellets

Everyday your bunny will do a special poop which is something he or she eats like a cow chews her cud. It is not really poo but instead is a bundle of nutrients that needs to be eaten to gain the necessary vitamins and minerals for the day.