Sunday, September 6, 2015

Rabbits for Adoption in Grafton

The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary is located in Grafton NSW. We have approximately 80 rabbits needing homes. We deliver to most places via air or road. We also have rabbits in foster care at Tweed Heads & Coffs Harbour and Sydney. Viewings by appointment. To apply to adopt ph/text Kim on 0416062947. All bunnies are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, parasite treated, vet checked.
We will not adopt our bunnies to homes where they will be locked into a cage or hutch. We require a playpen in the family area of the home so the bunny can be a part of the family as a pet.

Rabbits for adoption

Here are todays best House Rabbits

SCARLET (in care in Sydney)
She is a sweet natured bunny and very clean in the house. 

He is a sooty fawn with thick soft coat and very bright and comes up to you for a treat and stroking. ALICE is adorable and an ex-laboratory rescue bunny who will give you more love and delight than you could ever imagine.

This boy bunny loves to come right up to you for pickup and cuddles.  He enjoys a treat and ear tickles. He is a small rabbit.