Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Just a little rabbit care information from the educational tunnel of the Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary Australia...

  • RABBITS GRAZE so don't give them 'meal times'. They must have a hay bag or rack with an unlimited supply of premium top grade fresh and clean hay. They should also have a bowl of fresh premium grade rabbit pellets to eat whenever they feel the need. Change daily as they go stale. Ensure no damp or mouldy pellets are in the bottom of the bowl. Keep it clean.
  • RABBITS DRINK best from a ceramic bowl. Rabbit drinkers such as water bottles with sippers often fail. The ball in the sipper becomes stuck or the pipe has cutting edges that hurt the rabbit's tongue. A heavy ceramic bowl keeps water cool and bunnies can wash their faces too. A ceramic bowl is hard for a rabbit to tip over so don't be tempted to use plastic that they can grab with their teeth and flip over which leaves them without water.
  • RABBITS SLEEP A LOT Rabbits are “crepuscular” (their most active times are early morning and evening and their deepest sleep occurs in the afternoon.) This makes them great pets for working people as they are ready to play when you are home before and after work. They don't make any noise to disturb neighbours while you are away from the house.
  • RABBITS NEED A FRIEND so they can snuggle together when sleeping, play when awake, share food, etc. No human can satisfy a rabbit’s need for constant companionship. Think of all the times you won't be sitting with your rabbit e.g. while shopping, working, visiting, sport, gym, or while you are asleep all night in bed and your bunny sleeps alone.
  • RABBITS DIE IF NOT PROTECTED FROM MOZZIES & FLEAS so keep them protected by keeping them in the home especially during the evening and night. Fly screen, electric and sun powered mosquito zappers and Advantix for Dogs on the back of the neck to kill fleas and repell mosquitoes if applied fortnightly. To apply you need a one ml syringe from the chemist or vet. Draw up the amount from the tube into the syringe. Apply to the back of the neck in a few places. If you put in one place it may 'pool' and just soak up into the fur or burn the skin. The aim is to get it to soak into the skin in a few places at the back of the neck where the bunny can't lick it. The dose rate is 0.1ml per kg so weigh your rabbit first.
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