Thursday, January 5, 2017


Picking up your rabbit - step by step method

To successfully pick up your rabbit you need to know that rabbits hate to be squeezed by hands or grabbed. The four step method below should be done with loose hands.

Stroking the rabbit and positioning him or her before picking up is important.

Prepare the bench you will use to practice picking up your rabbit

Place your rabbit on a non slip bath mat on a bench. This will put your rabbit at a good height to learn the correct method for picking up.

Step by step method for picking up a rabbit

Repeat the following many times. Reposition the rabbit each time then lift up again.

  • stroke many times on head and half way down back 
  • slide hand under breast 
  • at same time slide hand under butt from rear
  • lift
  • Place the rabbit back onto the mat on the bench.

Don't squeeze the rabbit because that will cause kicking/scratching.