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Baby Rabbits: If you have orphan rabbit babies please contact a vet near you as they need special care. Same goes for an injured rabbit.  If your rabbit just had babies separate her immediately from the male or they will mate again almost straight away.  The baby rabbits and mother rabbit need a quiet secure area and babies need a nest they can't roll out of.  Baby rabbits must stay with mummy bunny for 8 weeks. Orphans need a non lactose milk such as DiVelelact available from pet shops and vets.

Re-homing Rabbits:
Never release your rabbits into parks or into the bush or countryside.  They can't survive and it is cruelty and against the law.  We welcome your enquiries and will try our best to assist you to help rabbits. If you are considering surrendering your rabbit to the RSPCA or AWL or Council Pound always ask what will become of it. If they are full perhaps you could wait and ask again in a week.

If you are thinking about adopting a rabbit please contact us for advice on 0416 062 947 and we will be pleased to give you advice and support. Remember though that rabbits need more than a cage. They should be included like any other pet as part of the family. We recommend a playpen in the home.

CONTACT THE RABBIT SANCTUARY... blog:    http://rabbitrescuesanctuary.blogspot.com/
email:  rabbitrescuesanctuary@gmail.com
phone or text: 0416 062 947 
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