Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Adopt a Rabbit

Adopt a rabbit or two! Our rescue rabbits come to you desexed and vaccinated for $25.

We have giant rabbits, mini rabbits, mini lops, dutch rabbits, white rabbits, brown rabbits, Netherland Dwarf rabbits, harlequin rabbits, black rabbits and many combinations of colours!

Most of the bunnies are under one year of age. That's because most rabbits are abandoned before they reach a year old.

Rabbits love to be with people so set up a playpen in the home so your family can interact with the bunnies.

Rabbits love a friend. They are herd animals. They must have a member of their own kind to talk to and cuddle with when you are not around. Let's face it, you will not be with your rabbit every minute of the day and night. There are many sad, lonely, scared bunnies imprisoned in hutches in backyards all alone.