Thursday, March 27, 2014

Phone number to adopt a rabbit

The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary phone

is always busy but please do phone or text the number to adopt a rabbit 0416 062 947

A rabbit makes a wonderful house pet. He or she will stick with you in the house and in the yard.
Rabbits that you adopt from The Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary are desexed.

Your rabbit should be desexed to protect it and to make it a better pet. A desexed rabbit is more settled and unstressed.

Buy a Rabbit

For a low $25 you can buy a pet rabbit that is:
** Desexed
** Vaccinated
** Parasite treated so worm free
** Teeth good
** Vet checked and healthy
** Microchipped
** Females are ear tattooed (to show they are desexed)

All the above saves you hundreds of dollars.